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Thursday, April 26, 2018

The New Three Stooges, Episode 156, "Dinopoodi"

I had several VHS tapes of The New Three Stooges cartoon as a kid. The cartoon, paired with live action segments, was my first introduction to the Stooges. To this day I still prefer Curly Joe over Curly. I can't help it, nostalgia always wins you know. 

In any case, this particular episode always stuck with me. The creature in the pet shop, the titular Dinopoodi itself, is such a beautifully designed monster. This one is said to be a female Dinopoodi and isn't she beautiful. 

In fact, look at all the animals in the pet shop; there's something odd about them. The pet shop owner says it's the Dinopoodi making everything else ugly. As if it gives off some sort of ugly radiation and mutates other animals. 

The Dinopoodi is the spirit guide to my tastes in characters I think. My first viewing or experience with weird and wonderful cartoon characters that I can recall. Predating my experiences with any Nicktoon or CartoonCartoon. Maybe even predating my Saturday morning cartoon experience altogether. It's difficult to say.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Giant Monsters, Yetis, Vacuum Tubes, and Radio Shows!

To say I have been stressed recently would be nothing short of a total understatement. But even with this stress and anxiety of everyday life boiling within me, I have to press on just like anyone else. So, like anyone else who is under the mighty heel of the Conspiracy, I drown my sorrows in my Slack-filled hobbies. 

It's been a wonderful year for my hobbies, without question, and I find myself gobbling up information and Sub-information by the spoonful. Giant monsters seem to be coming back into style again, and I couldn't be happier. I've been revisiting my old favorites, while still looking forward to what the future of the genre has in store. I still haven't seen "Rampage" but I just know I'm going to love it. I even have a toy Lizzie to keep me company until I can witness her in all her majesty on the big screen. 

Also, a personal holy grail of mine was finally obtained; I now own a copy of "Behold!!! The Protong", a book written by the mad genius Stanislov Szukalski. This book on Zermatism, a science developed and perfected by Szukalski, proves without a shadow of a doubt that yetis are not only real, but also, they have been interbreeding with humans for centuries. Now I'm not sure Szukalski's analysis of the data is 100% correct, but this book stands as a must-have for any collector or researcher, like myself. 

In other news, I've taken an interest in vacuum tubes. I have old books about radios, so I plan on studying them in earnest when I have a bit more free time. Ernest L. Norman, one of the founders of Unarius, is said to have had talked about the importance of this little device, so my curiosity has grown. 

My cat, Sebastian, was finally neutered. His cone-of-shame is off now, but when I was looking back on his pictures from after his operation, I noticed how crazy buff he is for a little cat! Check out the picture down below to see what I mean. 

And lastly, if you aren't listening to the amazing shows on Radio Mutation, like the Record Roulette Club, or the Dr. Yeti Show, then I'm not sure what to tell ya. 

Enjoy the pictures below. 

The Destructive Joy of Giant Monsters

The Forbidden Science of "Zermatism"

Gone Tubin'

Sebastian the Buff Cat

Shows You Should Be Tuning For