Sunday, April 15, 2018

Classic toys and classic joys!!

I want to learn how to use a yo-yo this year. Like seriously learn to master the ancient techniques of walking the dog, etc. I purchased a genuine Duncan Imperial for $5 on Amazon, hoping that this humble chunk of plastic could help distract me from the horrors of reality such as schoolwork, responsibilities, and the possibility of World War 3. 

I found another Duncan toy at the local Jacks 99 cents called a BioNinja WizZzer from their Battling Tops series. They're basically better BeyBlades without the rip cord functions, and they come with a cool stand. The BioNinjas are cool, but I want the BioBugs and BioDinos. It's a shame they didn't come with like figures; the paint-apps on the tops are bright and colorful, but also sort of lame. In any case, Vondar is my dude and he's been helping me bother my cats while I ignore my homework. 

So "The Meg" trailer and posters have been released, and I'm filled to bursting with joy because between the recent "Godzilla" movie, "Kong" movie, the "Pacific Rim" films, and "Rampage" (which was just released), it feels like giant monster movies are back in earnest! I feel so spoiled!

As I write this, I still haven't seen "Rampage", but from what I hear it's exactly what I wanted it and delivers on the title. I can't fucking wait to check it out this week!

In other news, I have recently reconnected with an old favorite of mine, "Robot Monster" (1953), for a long term writing project that I hope to have ready sometime next year around this time if all goes well. It's one of my all time favorite films, and it has overshadowed my life more than I've realized. Truly, this illumination has shook me to my very soul. 

"Robot Monster" also inspired the new banner I'm using for this blog. "Zontar the Thing from Venus" has served me very well since the start of this blog, but it's time for a new era. 

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