Monday, April 23, 2018


It's doomsday again. David Meade, the Bible-Conspiracy-Numerologist, used his magic math to deduce that today is the day of the rapture. And you know what; I HOPE HE'S FUCKING RIGHT THIS TIME. 

I mean, he won't be, at all, but I'm tired of this world and all the idiots who pray and hope for the rapture to save them. I hope the sky opens up and swallows them all up. I hope Nibiru smashes right into them and somehow misses me! I hope the fist of WOTAN-1 absolutely fucking CRUSHES THEM. Because once the rapture doesn't occur, you know they won't learn their lessons at all, so why bother with having them around?

But beyond all of that, I hope the next doomsday is just more interesting. I don't need another fluffy Bible prediction with a soft focus on salvation; give me giant monsters! Seriously, people have to move away from David Meade and his number counting followers. There are so many wonderful kooks to look towards instead. 

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