Tuesday, April 3, 2018

NEWS FLASH! New David Liebe Hart remix album released! "Outer Dimensions"! AND IT'S GREAT!

An exciting new album by DLH and various other artists was just released. The album is filled with amazing remixes of timeless classics, as well as a new version of my favorite DLH song "Go into the Light" by $treaks.

I just finished listening to the album in full, and I have to say I'm blown away. This was an impulse purchase for me today, but I'm happy I bought it.

What's just as amazing is the release of a possible limited edition pin that any DLH Leaguer will need. The pin is a photo of DLH flashing that winning smile of his while his disembodied heads floats over the Korendian phrase "Salame!", so without question, this talisman will be cherished for generations of DLH fans. A definite heirloom item.

For more information, please go check out www.artbyliebehart.com or click on the above or below image!

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