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Thursday, April 26, 2018

The New Three Stooges, Episode 156, "Dinopoodi"

I had several VHS tapes of The New Three Stooges cartoon as a kid. The cartoon, paired with live action segments, was my first introduction to the Stooges. To this day I still prefer Curly Joe over Curly. I can't help it, nostalgia always wins you know. 

In any case, this particular episode always stuck with me. The creature in the pet shop, the titular Dinopoodi itself, is such a beautifully designed monster. This one is said to be a female Dinopoodi and isn't she beautiful. 

In fact, look at all the animals in the pet shop; there's something odd about them. The pet shop owner says it's the Dinopoodi making everything else ugly. As if it gives off some sort of ugly radiation and mutates other animals. 

The Dinopoodi is the spirit guide to my tastes in characters I think. My first viewing or experience with weird and wonderful cartoon characters that I can recall. Predating my experiences with any Nicktoon or CartoonCartoon. Maybe even predating my Saturday morning cartoon experience altogether. It's difficult to say.

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