Sunday, May 27, 2018

Finally, I can care about nonsense again.

I finished my first year back at college, and it was mostly a success. I may or may not have failed a class, again, but also, I refuse to check. I'll figure it out later once I start caring about the Fall semester. 

There's a lot of stuff I have to get caught up with. There has been a release, or will be a release, of Looney Tunes characters meeting/teaming up with/fighting DC Comics heroes and villains, and all I want is the issue where Lex Luthor meets Porky Pig. The cover alone deserves to be posterized and hung over my fire place.

One thing that kept me alive during finals was watching the new Amazon Prime series "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle", and I'm happy to report that it's the absolute best. Definitely a show made by fans of the original. The voices are spot on, and as always, the Narrator is the best character in the show. 

 Now that I can finally relax my mind, I have the itch to revisit one of my favorite Marvel movies; "Hulk" (2003). It's not a great comic book movie, but I really enjoy it as a drama. And it's all about mad science, and I am a sucker for some mad science. 

Nick Nolte's character of Dr. David Banner is one of my favorite all-time movie villains. A purely mad, mad scientist on the quest for godhood. 

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