Saturday, June 16, 2018

My doodles and drawings from class (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018)

With the semester behind me I've decided to do some cleaning and throw some stuff away. Mostly papers I no longer need. And before I threw these away I though I'd share some pictures of my doodles from my various classes. I was never much of a student, and very often I stop caring about whatever lesson is going on and I just start drawing. 

When I was a boy I wanted to grow up and become a comic book artist. The industry changed so much though that when I was finally old enough to understand what was going on I no longer wanted any part of it. After a while the dream of doing any sort of creative works professionally slowly dissipated into the ether. There is though still to this day a part of me that would very much like to put together at least one thing, but I can't for the life of me come up with any decent ideas. 

This guy reminds me of the Demon from DC Comics mixed with that rock monster from "Never-Ending Story".

Some sort of balding middle-management worm-man. Also, there's a friendly old rocker with too much hair floating beside him. Perhaps some sort of guardian angel?


Toxie looking cleaner than usual.

Behold! The true face of God! He sort of looks like Bubs from "Homestar Runner". 

I drew this little guy who just seems to be J. Wellington Wimpy's nose come to life! And he stole Wimpy's hat!

This guy was inspired, I think, by the "Unique Individuals" in the "Basket Case" sequels. There's no one in those movies who looks like this, but I think this guy would fit in well with them.

No idea. Some sort of Elder Thing.

I ended up creating this character, "Captain Elder God", during one of my philosophy courses. I thought it'd be funny if there was a super-powered human being who had all the unholy, mind-bending, reality shattering powers of all the Elder Gods from H.P. Lovecraft.

"Captain Elder God" ruins "Mr. Sanity". Ridiculous, but it was fun to draw. Mr. Sanity will never be the same again...

I'm sure I'll draw more stuff like this in the future. I keep saying I'll draw a little comic someday, but in all honesty, there's no time for that right now. Too many responsibilities forced upon me by The Conspiracy. One day though, when I truly master Time Control, I will try to come up with something to unleash upon the world. 

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