Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Official Popeye Fan Club The Sea Hag

I've been a Popeye fan all of my life. It may have been my first "fanatical" obsession if you want to think of it in terms of fandom. My parents bought me all these VHS tapes with public domain Popeye cartoons, and even the live action Popeye movie starring Robin Williams. My love of Popeye never really dwindled, and when I was in high school, during one of my first advanced computer classes (well advanced when compared to the computer classes I had in elementary school) I found out about The Official Popeye Fan Club, located in Chester, IL, where Popeye and the rest of the Thimble Theater characters were first created by E.C. Seegar. 

I don't know why I didn't join twenty years ago, but it's always been on my mind to do so. Either way, finally, I took the plunge. I paid my $10 and I am now a proud card carrying member of this esteemed and decades old group. I hope I can even contribute to the fanzine sometime. That'd be a fun thing for me to do for sure, and I can finally blab about how great Popeye is to people who actually care about Popeye!

The membership also includes a certificate, and a subscription to the Official Popeye Fan Club News-Magazine. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. I do collect Popeye stuff here and there, so it's nice to have access to other collectors. In fact, my membership includes a discount to Spinach Can Collectables, which houses all kinds of neat Popeye stuff, as well as a Popeye Museum. 

To learn more on how you can join The Official Popeye Fan Club, please go to

 In other Popeye related news, I ordered a doll of The Sea Hag off of Etsy the other day. When I was a little boy I had a set of these Popeye dolls from Presents which included Popeye, Wimpy, Swee'pea, Brutus, and Wimpy. From that set I only have Wimpy left sadly, having lost the rest over the great expanse of time. I never really planned on trying to collect these again, but then I found this amazing Sea Hag doll, and that changed everything.

Finding this doll opened up something in my subconscious mind, and a flood of true nostalgia came rushing through. If you follow this blog you might have noticed I don't buy high-end collectibles. I mainly just collect small toys. And I literally mean toys, not hundred dollar posable figures for adult collectors, but toys meant for children. I try to never buy any one item for more than $15, but every one in a while something just grabs a hold of me and the hunt begins.

When I finally received Sea Hag in the mail it arrived in a large box, and I was amazed how much bigger this doll was compared to the rest in the line. Haggy is literally twice the size of the rest of the Popeye dolls. It's taller than my Lanard Kong Skull Island figure! 

I'm bubbling with joy over this Sea Hag doll. It's a great item to own as a collector, and has such a high quality of detail. Sea Hag's design has varied quite a bit over the decades, but this is my favorite version of ol' Haggy, what with her weird double chin, warts, and big nose. She looks wonderfully sinister with that big toothed smile. 

In honor of this momentous and Popeye filled day, I created this image below for anyone who wishes to summon the powers of the Sea Hag. 

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