Wednesday, June 13, 2018

You need to watch OSI74's Cinema Insomnia - (S03E02) - Bloodsuckers of the Atomic Swamp (presented in astounding SWAMP-O-VISION)

Cinema Insomnia, hosted by the amazing Mr. Lobo, is a great and entertaining program that is true to it's horror-host roots. Once you know and understand how the dynamic existence of Mr. Lobo came to be, you really get a sense that he's the real deal. He's not a parody of old television horror-hosts, he is one. Genetically alterted to be a remnant of a by gone era for a more modern time. I've seen a lot of horror hosts who portray themselves as jokes, but the humor of Cinema Insomnia is its inherit sincerity. 

I still maintain my wild hypothesis that Mr. Lobo is a time traveler sent from the 1960's. A strange unholy lab experiment conducted by Bob Wilkens, Ghoulardie, Vampira, and Zacherle to create a proper successor host in an effort to please the b-movie gods. 

In short; watch more Cinema Insomnia. It's good for your heart and your soul. 

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