Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy X-day Eve everyone!

As my Yeti brethren make their way to the sacred grounds where the Xists will arrive tomorrow, as the SubGenius liturgies say they will, I can't help but reflect on my own journey as an Overman. Oh sure, the SubGenius prophecy has never been correct, but who knows, maybe, just maybe, the WORLD ENDS TOMORROW AND YOU MIGHT DIE!

If you're still not ordained, there may still be time to submit to make it right with "Bob", and to send your $35 to the Church of the SubGenius. Click the image below for more details. 

JHVH1, that evil alien space god, will be obliterating all the non-believers and Anti-"Bob's" of the world tomorrow, while those of us who are card carrying members of the Church will be saved and taken upon the pleasure saucers to make horrifying sweet love to the Alien Sex Goddesses. What do you say? Do you want salvation, or extermination? The choice is yours and yours alone!

Please enjoy the following introductory video for further detail. 

ARISE: The SubGenius Video from Philo Drummond on Vimeo.

"ARISE!, The SubGenius Movie. ARISE! was directed by Cordt Holland and Rev. Ivan Stang, written by Stang, narrated by Dr. Hal Robins; it was first released in 1988. New artwork, some new live footage and numerous computer animation sequences were added in 2005. ARISE! tells the story of Slack master and Sex God J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, the Texas preacher who discovered the Conspiracy and an invasion by UFOs, and founded The Church of the SubGenius -- an adults-only religion for mutants, misfits, weirdos."

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