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Thursday, July 5, 2018


Any second now the Saucers will arrive on earth and eradicate the human species, and the superior SubGenius super-mutant yetis will be saved and be taken to the stars on their very own Pleasure Saucers! 

JHVH-1 will smoosh all the normal people who made life an unbearable suck-fest! SMOOSH THEM WITH HIS STARK FIST OF REMOVAL! And the SubGenii will be swept away with the Slack Fist of Retrieval.

While everyone else is being blasted into mush, we who made it right with "Bob" will be spending time with the beautiful Alien Sex Goddesses (above). 

And, we are all very well this might end up being just another X-Day drill, but we're really hoping this'll be it. These last couple of years have been astoundingly annoying, and existence on this planet has really worn out it's welcome. In fact, the apocalypse would be a goddamn IMPROVEMENT. We all need a clean slate. I can't wait for JHVH-1 to punch the shit out of this planet! Maybe he'll reshape it like Play Dough into something more useful. 

Any second now... any second now...

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