Monday, August 27, 2018

New blogsites and even a Facebook Group; PROGRESS!

So I spent the entire weekend without any internet, which was terrible because I had some work to do. Today the new school year begins and I have to prepare for my class later, but instead I'm rushing to update my social media and blogs. I'm not too concerned since it's the first day of class though, so I should be fine no matter what happens. 

So first things first, I have restarted an old blog of mine; Downtown Otaku. This was my first serious blogging project, which was just anime reviews and recommendations, but it was fun to work on. Sadly, it was taken down by Google sometime back for one too many copyright strikes, and I decided to try other blogging styles. I guess I started to feel nostalgic for the old days of mindlessly watching anime for hours, and the simple joy of geeking out because of box sets and anime girl figures. So, with the help of my good friend Sono, I have relaunched this blog. There's not much there as of yet, but we hope to get it going soon. Sasami be praised! 

Also, things are really getting serious with The First Church of Dana Scully Scientist, so I've been setting things up online for the eventual surge of new devotees. First, I've created a new blog for the NY Chapter of the group where I will be listing any new details, products, events, and whatever else comes to mind. Currently, there is nothing on this site, but it will be my main hub for announcements. 

Secondly, there's the new Facebook Group. I'm still working on the settings and description, but this will be up and running before the week is over. 

And I'm not sure what else to mention. There's been talk about podcasting here and there between me and a few others, but nothing really concrete at the moment. With the new semester starting I'm sure things will become excruciatingly busy. I'm currently at work on my final thesis paper, so maybe if I survive that I can start posting more often. I'd like to go back to a post a day, but that seems impossible right now.

In any case, please check out these other pages and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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