Friday, October 5, 2018

Fangoria is resurrected for a new era!

Fangoria, the legendary horror magazine, has returned. Thank goodness for it. My pal and I went to the launch party in NYC's legendary Foribidden Planet comic shop, where we mingled with celebrities and nerds alike. It was a fun time and it also felt like we were in a NYCC panel or something. 

Getting to meet all the new staff members, editors, contributors, and guests there was a real treat. And of course, NYC film legend and everyone's favorite weird uncle, Lloyd Kaufman was there to take pictures, greet guests, shake hands, and sign anything you put in front of him. He did well to remind us that Troma's next film, Shakespeare's "SHITSTORM" will be coming out soon. It sounds like an absolute triumph. If you follow Lloyd or the Troma Team on Twitter, you'll already be used to some of the behind the scenes stuff they've been uploading.

I'm not really sure how to feel about it, but I guess it's sort of cool; my friend and I appear briefly both on the Fangoria Twitter video for the event, and also the Facebook live stream. We can now say we were both in a video with Lloyd Kaufman.  

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