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Sunday, October 14, 2018

NYCC 2018 and other stuff

I managed to be broke again this year during NYCC. It wasn't my intent of course, but it's been rather difficult for me this past year. My "good" paycheck won't arrive until a week after the convention, so I had maybe $10 to spend there. But thankfully, my great and wonderful lodge brother was there to support me in my time of need. 

For the uninitiated, the "Sons of the Desert" was a film about two fraternity brothers (Laurel & Hardy) ditching their wives so that they could attend a convention. To honor this, my friend and I wear our Sons of the Desert fezzes and forcefully excommunicate everyone else from our lives so we can go enjoy NYCC unabated. 

I should also mention, we are currently not affiliated with the real Sons of the Desert, though that might change someday. 

I walked into the con only for a few minutes to find my favorite vendor who has been there since I started attending NYCC. On the way there I saw what was BY FAR the best display in the entire convention. Funimation had recreated the Tenkaiichi Budkai tournament temple to promote their Dragon Ball franchise (specifically "Dragon Ball Super") and it looked AMAZING! They even had the Eternal Dragon, Shenron flying overhead. 

My only purchase at NYCC was a fistful of M.U.S.C.L.E. guys. I even found some of the ones I keep track of on eBay. I finally have a King Muscle to call my own, and these being from the original line means that they're just that much more special. 

Possibly the best thing to come out of NYCC this year for me is this amazing handmade Killer Tomato by Amok Time Toys, which is made to look like the killer tomatoes from "Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!". This was given to me by my fantastic lodge brother, and it will be cherished by me forever. I really love how when purchased, the seller put it in a produce bag. 

This is me with my new best friend. 

And here he is on my desk-altar, ready to join my cult of weird toys. 

While not at NYCC, another fun thing I purchased was this "Spooky Village Halloween Ball Popper" from CVS. I kind of want the whole set now that I own this particular one.  It reminds me of the "Blurp Balls" line of toys that came out after the popularity of "Mad Balls". I never owned a Blurp Ball, but this Popper really fills that void. 

From this angle he looks like a weird bootleg Snoopy toy.

My first ever YouTube video! Yeah I won't be doing this very often, if at all, but I wanted to show this Popper in action. BEHOLD!

SHOUT OUTS! Check out these awesome people!

Below are some interesting things I found during the past month that have really caught my attention. For the most part you can click on the image to be taken to their official page (in most cases anyway).

I saw this on the Church of the SubGenius Facebook group, and I plan on sending a buck. Do YOU dare to do the same?! I think you should. 

The amazing Dr. Yeti Show, a local radio show out somewhere I've never heard of, has a lot of amazing art to promote their show on their Facebook, and plan to do a podcast soon, BUT ALSO NOW HAS MERCH! Well the good Dr has a shirt at least, and it looks pretty rad. 

Announced on a Godzilla Facebook group, "The Sons of Godzilla: From Destroyer to Defender; From Ridicule to Respect" by Peter H. Brothers will be out soon, so keep an eye on his official Amazon page for further detail. Looks like it'll be an interesting read.

Finally, the TRUTH can be told and revealed to the world! BIRDS AREN'T REAL! At last, the drones of THE CONSPIRACY will be called out for what they really are!

So my pal and I have a yearly tradition of wearing our Sons of the Desert fezzes to NYCC, which are of course based on the fezzes seen in the film of the same name. These fezze we purchased at NYCC several years ago from the amazing fez makers at Fez-o-Rama.

The pins I wore on my fez I purchased from different shops. The Turtle Club pin (RUAT) I purchased from Fratline, the DLH Salame pin I of course bought through his official website; the DOBBSHEAD pin is from Bulldada Time Control Laboratories. And lastly, the newest in my collection is my Gadget Hackwrench pin from SnotRocketCat.

 I really can't express how much I love owning this pin. Gadget holds a very special place in my heart, and is one of the many deified beings in my internal menagerie of personal gods. The pin is larger than I expected it to be, but that's a good thing. These were limited to 50 pieces, so rush over to Etsy and buy yours today!


  1. My daughters go every year with their father. It's neen a tradition of theirs for about five or six years now. Great PICs!!

    1. Thank you very much. I hope your husband and daughters had a great time. I hope to have more pictures next year from within the convention.