Sunday, December 16, 2018

My Reflection on "The Brain" (1988)

"The Brain" (1988) is one of those movies I always wanted to see, but I could never find on VHS. I'm not sure if it's on DVD/BluRay but to be fair I haven't checked. It's one of those amazing high-concept 1980's creature-feature films that builds it's narrative around a point that it's attempting to make. The point this movie seems to be trying to make is about how television hypnotizes people by glorifying self-help pseudo-doctors and talk shows. There's a popular show called "Independent Thinking" that funny enough, hypnotizes people in to believing whatever the doctor says.

Dr. Blakely's show is super-powered by a gigantic brain of supposed alien origin. We know it's an alien because one of his escaped patients says so very briefly. Although Dr. Blakely thinks he's in charge, it's The Brain itself who's really in control. Throughout the movie we see The Brain go through different mutations and change in size. By the end it's the size of a large van! 

I really enjoyed watching this flick. A great stand alone thriller. I do wish we see got to see more of The Brain in this movie, but the cast does a great job so I guess I don't mind too much. Dr. Blakely has this amazing assistant who looks like a tubby Fredrich Nietzsche named Varna, played by George Buza. Buza is probably more famous to comic fans as the voice of Beast in the 1990's Fox Kids "X-Men" animated series, but he has an amazing list of roles in animations and television.

The ending leaves room for a sequel, but I'm glad there was never one. Movies like this deserve to be one of a kind.  

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