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Friday, December 14, 2018

Nature is good, but so are toys and movies

I want my body to be found one day buried in my collection of fun junk. I mean honestly, if there's one true joy I have in life currently it's collecting. It's a fun hobby. I guess it's similar to hunting in that it's more about the hunt itself rather than what you get (but finding the thing you want is also a huge thrill). 

Sometimes I feel it's our hobbies that keep us alive. 

Last night I went out with some friends for our annual winter holiday karaoke thing we've been doing for the past 3 or 4 years. This is our second year doing a White Elephant exchange. I was really happy to receive a Funko Pop of the Pudgy Pig from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers". I probably have too many Pops, but I can't say I'd be unhappy to get a few more. Plus, Pudgy Pig was one of my favorite monsters from that show! 

I also purchased a Real Squirmin' Squish Bug toy from eBay with a $5 coupon they sent me. The purple worm looking thing next to my dinosaur is the toy. Gotta love gross 80's and 90's toys. 

I don't think I've ever mentioned my current spiritual studies. Recently I joined the Reformed Druids of Gaia, a very laid back group of neo-pagans who study nature, druidry (of course), and other such things. I'm currently working my way through their study course, but my work and finals have really slowed that down. I'm hoping to reach the second degree by springtime. Author Robert Anton Wilson talks about an early version of this group in his lectures, and I can say that they've basically maintained the same demeanor since the old times, though there have been several schisms since them. There are all kinds of groups, but I'm sticking with RDG.

I really recommend this group. Good and balanced. They take their studies seriously, but they also have a sense of humor. 

Starting today up until next week, I will be working on my final exams. This entire semester has been a total dumpster fire for me. I'm not even certain I will be able to go to class in the spring like I had planned to. Oh well. It's better not to dwell on this these, since there are more important things to consider... like movies!

Movies I am looking forward to

I'm not sure what sort of movie "Godzilla King of the Monsters" will be, but it looks 100x better than the "Godzilla" movie from a few years ago. I wasn't crazy about that one at all, but this one looks stellar. I hope we get surprise cameos from other kaiju in it.

I first heard about Cameron wanting to make this movie like two decades ago at least. It's finally coming out and it looks pretty fun. 

I need to know how bad this will be. I still want the story to be like a really bad 1990's family movie that straight to VHS. Like, maybe Sonic lives in the video game world, and he comes into our world because a recently divorced dad has to find a way to reconnect with his kids, so Sonic has to teach him to open up his heart to friendship or something, and at some point there's a family friend rap song and dance scene that saves the day! 

And with "Bumblebee" out in theaters soon, The Asylum offers us an alternative. I haven't seen a trailer for "Hornet" yet, but I don't care. I'm going to watch and own this flick someday. The Asylum has never let me down. 

Quick edit: I found the trailer!!

I guess that's all for now. Time to suffer and study for my finals!

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