Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Post Xmas pseudo-stability

The yule season has a strange affect on people. I even dressed up for the occasion... 

I'm not super crazy for the holidays, but I do appreciate a lot of the aesthetics during the season. I like the festive colors, and how everyone tries to at least appear like a better person during this time of year. All of the tourists here in NYC are coagulating around the tourist sites, so a lot of the locations I like to wander around in feel emptier and spacier. I'm a little bummed there wasn't any snow, but I'm also grateful at the same time. 

Although I really enjoy buying toys and novelties, I never ask anyone for anything. I still prefer buying for myself and "the thrill of the hunt" as it were, but it's nice when folks who know me try their best to satisfy my very niche tastes. 

So, the haul then! What did ol' Odin bring me this year. Well;

This Crate Creature for one. It makes all sorts of fun burping and farting noises, and is sculpted to look like The Gill Man from "Creature from the Black Lagoon", so that's fun. 

I finally own Rock'em Sock'em Robots! A childhood dream come true. I had a PS1 game based on this game, but it was rather slow and almost unplayable. It's nice to own the real deal. 

This was a nice surprise; The Best of Bijou Funnies is like the bible to a lot of my favorite underground and indie comic artists. 

"Challengers of the Unknown" No. 51, starring the giant Sponge Man, who looks like Tor Johnson. Not in great condition, but a joy to have. 

A strange edition of "Mad Man Adventures". Not from Wizard magazine like I thought it'd be from, but from Hero magazine. I nearly forgot they existed. 

This might be my favorite. A tiny rubbery slime monster that came in a pouch filled with slime. Look how beautiful my new baby boy is. I love him. 

Stuff aside, I spent the holidays with friends and family, had some good eats, and didn't overwork myself for once. I actually feel pretty relaxed and free. I feel good. I know this feeling won't last, so I'm savoring it. 

My days feel shorter, and since I'm off from work until after New Years I'm losing track of the days. I wish my whole life was like this.

Here's some other stuff that's occupying space in my mind. 


One of my favorite bands. I really like their fanciful music. Really full of energy and passion.

Beautiful YouTube Nonsense

Mucho is the mascot/owner/waitress (???) of a cafe shop and toy store in in Japan called the "DaiKauju Salon"/"Giant Monster Salon" (or something like that, I'm not sure of the direct translation. I'd like to visit Mucho one day and the Salon; it looks like they have a lot of amazing stuff there. I believe they only specialize in monster toys, which is something I can respect. Mucho also has an online blog which you can view here

Here's some more from DaiKaiju Salon. 

And yet more from DaiKauju Salon

Thew's YouTube channel was introduced to me by my best pal. Thew himself is basically the best Transformer/Toy reviewer on YouTube. Here he continues his drunken toy review series ( I think this is like his 4th video doing this)

I'm not sure how I found this, but I'm glad I did...

Troma Movies I plan on watching soon

Now that I have a bit of time to really sit and watch movies, I'd like to look through some of the Troma movies I've missed during the years. 

"Directed by Robert Rundle (1991)
Starring Lonnie Schuyler, Jeff Jenkins, Christina Peralta
The year is 2010. Governments have fallen, the world economy has collapsed, violence and anarchy reign. The power is in the hands of the military, but they have lost control. Their cyborg assassination squads have turned against them and gone outlaw, and under the command of Colonel Peck, they wage an all-out terrorist war on all political and military officials. Police officer Brent McCord and his partner Jim Weaver investigate the cyborg murder of an important senator and his stripper girlfriend. But when all evidence begins to point at the two detectives, they are ordered off the case, their resolve to solve the assassination strengthened. When Weaver gets iced by the cyborgs, McCord goes ballistic, determined to see microchips and green goo fly, until he learns the horrible truth about his own past. Not sense The Terminator or Total Recall have cops pitched such an intense battle with cyborgs, in an underworld fight to save us all from the wonders of technology."

"Purge takes place in a utilitarian, genetically engineered parallel universe. Layla, a BDSM mistress, just wants to fit in and be happy but her nemesis won't let her."

Don't touch that dial! You are about to enter Psychotown - where Video Demons control your every move. Where the vertical hold leaves you horizontal. There Video Demons take you on a gruesome journey into a world of subliminal psychic nightmares."

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