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Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Yule season brings peace and terror, but also toys

Life this semester has been a never-ending waking nightmare. Truly, this was the year I finally felt the full force of how ridiculous existence is. There have been speckles of good stuff here and there, but for the most part I feel nothing but exhaustion, sadness, and utter indifference. But I guess it's not all bad, the year is ending, and symbolically that means a great deal to me. Everyday is a new beginning, but hopefully January 2019 can be a real and even truer new beginning. 


So like a lot of MST3K fans, I successfully watched and witnessed THE GAUNTLET. A series of films considered to be pretty bad, but of course I enjoyed all of them. They're not bad at all, at least I don't think so. Just experimental or just strange, but not bad. 

Today I took a walk to my local used bookstore. I loved used bookstores so much; you can walk in and leave with a ton of stuff for only a few bucks. Below is a list of the stuff I got. Clearly, I was meant to be some sort of super-villain. And also, I really love that I found a copy of "Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody", I nearly forgot it existed. I really want to believe there's an underground fandom for Barry Trotter, and that if I dig hard enough I'll find all sorts of unofficial spin-offs and fanfiction. 

The other day, Thursday I think, I was feeling really bad. Like my body was going to shut down or something. I wasn't sick, I was just exhausted. Like I already mentioned above, college life has slowly been destroying my soul. A big part of me just wanted to stay home all day and stare at the ceiling, but I got a text from my best pal asking me to hang. I debated with myself and ended up heading out to Manhattan to see him. I'm glad I did. 

We went to our normal stops (Book Off, Toy Tokyo, ThinkGeek, Forbidden Planet) and had dinner at one of our favorite diners. Nothing new to report, not really anyway; nostalgic culture has finally mixed itself with modern culture so it all just blended together into an annoying mess. Some of it is nice, but a large portion of it I could do without. Still, it's nice seeing such a variety of stuff on the shelf for collectors.

The figures below are the ones I ended up purchasing. The caveman looking doing is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Neanderthal, the frog is Napoleon Bonafrog from TMNT 2012, and the scared couple come from a pack of Archee McPhee B-Movie civilians I believe. 

As an added bonus to my day out, my pal gifted to me these amazing DVD's for my birthday (which was last month, but we hadn't had a chance to really hang out since then). Some of these are definitely part of my normal taste, while others are total surprises. I'm hesitant to watch that Mister Rogers documentary because I'm sure I'll just end up crying for the rest of my life. 

Because I collect pins (no idea when I started) I decided to look into the Church of Ed Wood to see if they had any merch I could add to my collection of pins. I'm happy to report I own this beautiful "Official Member" pin which I will sport on Woodist holidays.

And here's something interesting; Silly Putty blind boxes! I love Silly Putty. I think I still have an egg somewhere with putty from the mid-nineties. Silly Putty might be the only toy that lasts forever. Anyway, this is pretty cool and it feels like it should have always been around; each box is a mold for your putty. I got a an eyeball, which is easily the best shape you could get. The instructions say these are also meant to be molded into finger puppets, which is cool I guess, but I would really prefer more molds! Give me characters, people, something like that. I need squishable people for my Godzilla figures.  

For no reason, here are some of my doodles from class. I don't know what brings me to draw things like this; my mind just starts to wander when certain professors speak. 

I got these new shirts from TeePublic. Pretty good stuff. I had no idea that website made so many different variations of designs. The Monster Conservancy shirt is from the Monster Kid Radio Podcast (I'm quite the fan), and the Preacher Features shirt is from the OSI74 show of the same name

Preacher Features - SATANIC PANIC from OSI 74 on Vimeo.
In this HALLOWEEN EXPOSE SPECIAL - Wild Caller from COAST 2 COAST AM and infamous fanatic JC WEBSTER III hosts a collection of terrifying cautionary religious films and videos that will scare THE DEVIL out of you. It is not the intention of this program to attack the anyone's personal beliefs.
And hey, speaking of preachers, SLACK FRIDAY IS ON! It might be time for you to purchase your ordainment kit because THE WORLD MIGHT END TOMORROW, AND YOU MIGHT DIE! Do you really want to take that chance? Don't you want eternal paradise and a great seat to watch the world blow up???? Well... 


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