Monday, January 21, 2019

It's too cold to go outside, so I may as well SLACK OFF!!!

I woke up this morning to it being 9-degrees outside. With the windchill though it feels like -17-degrees. Thankfully today's a holiday so I didn't have to go out; tomorrow though it's back to a normal work week so I hope it warms up a bit. 

Last Thursday was the release of Fangoria issue number 2 and I wonder if Forbidden Planet is going to have an even every time they release a new issue. It's a bit much, if you ask me, but it is still sort of fun to meet the folks who've worked on the magazine. This time was particularly special because some of the guys from Last Podcast on the Left were in attendance. I really enjoy their show so I was happy to meet them. 

The line was huge, even bigger than last time, but they managed to keep things orderly. The guests were of course great too, deciding to stay longer so they could meet everyone. I was at the end of the line so I was relieved I was able to meet them. 

I wasn't able to take any pictures while waiting on line, or when I shook their hands, but I decided to take this sneaky picture from outside of the shop. I'm such a creep 

Zack Snyder Cryptic DCEU Symbology

I guess I'm sort of a DCEU apologist. Initially I didn't really like "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice", but I have now seen the film 3 or 4 times since it's debut and I can now really appreciate it's ambition. It's an interesting movie, and the stories that surround it are even more interesting. 

If there is a Zack Snyder Cut of "Justice League" I hope it one day gets a release because what we got in theaters was pretty boring and bad. I mean there were a few good scenes, but they're not enough to revisit the movie again. 

Recently, Snyder released this Tree of Life-like map of his vision of the DCEU, and it just adds to the mystery of what was supposed to happen in the original plans for this really messed up cinematic universe. 

I'm sure hardcore fans are already on their way to deciphering this thing, but I have my own interpretation I guess. 

The top: Wonder Woman, Superman, and Aquaman reach a point where they become the true guardians of the world while fulfilling their own duties as leaders in their own realms. Those realms being Themyscira, the Earth, and Atlantis.

Center: The mystical realm and the modern world connect the Earth and Darkseid's world. At some point I suppose Woman Woman was meant to team-up with The Flash, while Aquaman teams up with Cyborg.

Bottom: Batman dies, but he leaves behind a legacy through his son. 

I have no idea if I'm right, but it makes sense to me.

Mego Monster Dolls

Mego is really making my wallet suffer these days. They keep releasing amazing dolls (I refuse to call these action figures) and I just want all of them. 

I'm not sure which ones I'll end up getting, but I might get both the Nosferatu one, and possibly the Bela Lugosi one. I really hope they make a Toxic Avenger Mego doll one day. 


Now this really makes me drool. I've never heard of the "Lords of Light" line of figures, but I very desperately want a complete Emperor Dementia figure. Firstly, what an excellent name. Secondly, Emperor Dementia is the leader of the Evilites, which is the most Saturday Morning Cartoon villain faction name in history. 

It's weird how the heroes were never produced for this line, but I guess these things happen in business. Only the Evilites were produced which is fine for me, I mainly collect figures of villains and monsters anyway.

Because they're so scarce and rare, that also means they're expensive, so I may never own Emperor Dementia, so I hope one day Super 7 or some wonderful company make a ReAction figure of them someday.


This music video was first brought to my attention by Reverend Frosty, who is a resident of Dobbs Town like some of us are. It's a wonderful piece of music by a group called Fartbarf. Around the 11 second mark you'll see a Dobbshead sticker on the keyboard. Clearly, these men are Superior Mutants. 

Treesicle's Big Chungus Video

A new god has entered our realm! Evidently, Fat Knuckles wasn't enough to pacify the spiritual needs of the internet community, so witness the birth of the Short-Duration-Personal-Savior, Big Chungus!

Personally, I can hardly keep up with meme culture; it changes almost daily. Big Chungus just represents some sort of remnant of 2018 energy, so he may already be dead as far as I know. The boys over at Treesicle made a wonderful video that explains it all if you'd like to know more about this rotund deity. 

"Fashion Trashin", by  Beaucoup Askew TV

I stumbled onto "Fashion Trashin" on Twitter and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. It feels like some sort of "Sifl & Olly" segment gone wild and sentient. I like it, and I want to see more, but it's pretty different than anything else on the channel that hosts it which is mostly toy reviews, and kid friendly stuff. "Cool School" is the latest episode in this series, and it's pretty funny. I had a good time with it. 

MINIFORCE (Amazon Prime)

So "Mini Force" is a Korean made Super Sentai-like series focused around a bunch of super-powered woodland critters who fight some jerk who wants to destroy the world. I'm not sure why, but I really like this series. It's cute. I found it while marathoning "Samurai Pizza Cats" on Amazon Prime, and you know what? To a very small degree this reminds me of SPC, but it lacks the "Rocky & Bullwinkle" styled humor that SPC had. 

The main cast of characters, the Mini Force members himselves, aren't very memorable. At least I don't feel like they're anything special. The owl is kind of funny because he takes stuff so seriously, and the squirrel I guess is sort of funny, but altogether these are characters that are just meant to be cute and that's it. 

That's fine by the way, this show is meant for like the smallest of small children.

The "Ranger" designs are passable I feel. Each ranger has some minor features that resemble the animal that they are, and they also have color coordinated cars and super-weapons. They refer to the giant robotic monsters they fight as Mechamons, and in classic Super Sentai fashion, all battles take place in the rock quarry. 

Easily the best character in the show is Sarah (or is her name Sally?). This young lady caters to the Mini Force for some reason. I'm not sure if they're her pets or if she even knows they're superheroes, but she's loads of fun. Her facial expressions alone make this show a real joy to watch. 


So "Mutant War" is apparently the sequel to "Galaxy Invader" somehow. I like the idea of them taking place in the same messed up universe, but there's basically no connection between both films. 

The plot, from what I can remember, is about the world after pollution messed up everything, and now there are monsters, aliens, mutants, and zombies everywhere and they just want to ... wait what's the plot to this movie? Something about one legendary hero trying to protect some women from.. something. I don't know man, I wasn't really paying attention I guess.

"Mutant War" is fun though. I love all the stop-motion monsters in it. There's a nice variety of beasties for monster fans, like the fella below who I named Big Mouth. 

"Invisibility & Levitation: How-To Keys to Personal Performance", By Commander X

So I found this book at random for a dollar. I'm somewhat familiar with the work of Commander X, who is an interesting guy if you ever get to read about him. He's an author who specializes in conspiracies and the occult, but is also a hacker and activist of some sort. I believe he's currently on the run from the FBI. He claims to be a former military man, but who knows. 

Anyway, there's one review on Amazon for this book and apparently the techniques provided don't work! SHOCK AND HORROR! Well I'll still read it; maybe the results will differ for me. 

So that's all for now I suppose. This week I'll be adding and rearranging my links. Specifically I'll be adding links to great tourist destinations, maybe a few more horror host sites, and also official clowning links, if you can believe it. 

In any case, take care everyone, and stay warm. 

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