Saturday, January 5, 2019

Time doesn't exist, but have a Happy New Year anyway

Well the new year is here and I don't feel much different. Well, I guess that isn't completely true; I feel a sense of relief. Relaxed even. 

I feel like this is the year where all the things I want to do will actually manifest if I work hard enough at it. I don't know what's bringing on this feeling, but it's there, sitting in my heart. It's like I hopes and dreams again. What am I, a kid? Probably. 

My New Year's celebration was pretty casual. Spent it with friends and family, had a nice fattening dinner. Actually, I've been overeating so much since Xmas that I've gained back a bit of weight. I'll have to get back on my dieting again this year. I'm really considering going full Lawsonian and doing a raw fruits/veggie diet. Gotta empower those Menorgs somehow, right?

I think this year I will dedicate to my dreams. It may be hedonistic, but I'm not getting any younger. While I still have a bit of youth to me I'd like to do as much as I can to follow through with some of the goals I've had all my life. Lose weight, return to Japan, finish school, find a job/career that I don't hate, and somehow integrate my hobbies in a way that will help me make a few extra simoleons.

If I learned anything from last year is that the future is uncertain, and that's fine. Fearing what will happen tomorrow is a self-inflicted curse and a poor use of imagination. I'd rather live for the sake of my happiness and the happiness of those who matter to me. I can't spend too much mentality on every little minute thing that's mentioned in passing to me. Life is sadly too short for that sort of thinking.  

So rather than any sort of resolution for 2019, I just plan on trying to stay on course to a laundry list of things I'd like to get done and see how much I can actually do. Most of what I have planned is within the realm of actual plausibility, so I'm not too concerned. 

So I guess with that said, have a happy and prosperous New Year everyone. I hope you are able to follow your dreams to the fullest.

Sparkle Cyclops and Sqweeks

So the other day I took a stroll to Target to check out the action figures, and found this fantastic glitter sparkle eyeball thing. I didn't buy it, but I was really close to buying it. Just look how fabulous it is!

And while at a cheapo store called Price Rite, I stumbled upon this energon cube powered Transformers Autobot Sqweeks, from "The Last Knight". The movie sucked of course, but I did enjoy Sqweeks design. So I picked this up and it's like the perfect desk toy. It lights up, makes battle noises, and is just adorable. 

Jeff Leroy's, "Giantess Attack" (2017) & "The Screaming" (2000)

So I had a few hours to kill the other day (for once) so I watched two of Jeff Leroy's movies; "Giantess Attack" and "The Screaming". Both were good, but "Giantess Attack" is definitely a fetish film. "The Screaming" is a straight forward drama, like something out of "Tales from the Crypt". I really enjoyed both and I look forward to seeing more of Leroy's work. I'm really happy I stumbled across his stuff on Amazon Prime.

"Giantess Attack" is silly, sexy, and really fun. Pure hedonism. 

"The Screaming" is a play on religion, cults, and pokes fun at the rumors that surround The Church of Scientology and other new age gurus. The main monster/demon is named R. R. Deepak, which is a combination of L. Ron Hubbard and Deepak Chopra. 

Tsuburaya Productions, "Attack of the Super Monsters" (1982)

"Attack of the Super Monsters" is a childhood favorite of mine. The original Japanese anime never made it to the US, but this blender version of the first four episodes did make it over as a singular movie. And appparantly, Emperor Tyrannous is the same t-rex costume used in the film "The Last Dinosaur" (1977). 

Troubled Moons, "Infinities Lock" (2009)

I can't seem to find a trailer for it, but Troubled Moons "Infinities Lock" is the Lovecraftian thriller you didn't know could be made on a Z-grade budget. I was really impressed by this straight forward movie. Their other film, "Fungicide", is a favorite of mine, was a sci-fi comedy of sorts. Really reminded me of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". This film though, "Infinities Lock" has no humor. It's about an army troop sent to find a lost ambassador and they end up caught up in a conspiracy that boggles the mind. Really fun, really low budget, but the story more than makes up for it. Easily one of my favorite movies from this year. So much imagination on display with this fun movie.

Below are a few other videos I found during the week.

David "Rock" Nelson's, "Devil Ant 5: Devil Ant Rocks Texas" (Coming Soon)

David "Rock" Nelson's work has been on my radar for some time now. I think I'm in one of his Facebook groups. He very proudly makes zero-budget movies. He's real enthusiastic about it too. Here's the trailer for "Devil Ant 5: Devil Ant Rocks Texas". 

Vlogger Puppets

I'm not sure why I follow Vlogger Puppets, but, I still watch at least one video daily. I don't understand though....

Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark - Now Streaming

This'll probably be the best movie of it's kind. I look forward to seeing it on Amazon.

VH Ed (Dolton TV)

Now this guy is interesting. I love the VHS cassette-headed puppet. I hope they do more more with him. 

The Fun Nun Horror Show

Now this came out of nowhere and immediately made me feel uncomfortable. Love it. 

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