Thursday, April 4, 2019

"Stay Sick" and rest easy

I'd like to believe that the universe works a bit differently for horror hosts. Maybe there's a sort of Valhalla for them. It takes so much energy and love to create something memorable and timeless. I never got to watch The Ghoul in action, but I was aware of him and the work he produced. Actually, just last week I was on his website thinking about what items to purchase from his online shop (I was looking at a DVD and the official flyswatter), but I was sad to learn of his passing two days ago. 

The Ghoul suffered a heart attack about five months ago and I guess he never really bounced back from it like we all hoped he would. I would have liked to have met him once in person. He seemed like a real life cartoon character. 

So rest easy Ghoul, and know that while you exist in a transcended form now, your spirit forever remains with horror movie fans. Stay sick, turn blue, and climb walls.

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