Wednesday, May 1, 2019


I've had some truly heavy emotions boiling up in my heart. I've been stressed with life, my current trajectory, and my interpersonal relationships. Through my meditations I have found some loose answers to how I feel, but I feel like my own vernacular comes up short to expressing exactly how I feel, so please pardon the nomenclature used in writing this relatively short blog post. 

It is easier in this life to be hated rather than loved. That is of course s hyperbolic statement, but there's truth within it. When you people hate you it is pretty easy to ignore them. Haters will always be around, despite our best efforts., but you can choose to just sidestep them. It's more difficult to be loved though, since the burden is heavier. 

With love comes responsibility. We live our lives hoping that the actions we take make the ones we love happy, and that we have gained some portion of respect from them. It's a nice feeling for sure, but maintaining the status quo is tiresome. I feel like people will always project their own hopes and dreams into a person who they love, respect, and even admire. They impose their own personal gauge of self-worth onto others, which causes friction for everyone.  

But, the burden of love comes with lofty and beautiful rewards. Having any sort of companionship while surviving here on the plane of Adversaria, the harsh material world where survival of the fittest is key, is a treasure. Life is rough and our time is limited. We can float or swim towards goals, but why should we toil away at hating others while we have the joyous opportunity to toil for the ones we love.

Slack does not gravitate towards slackers! We are, buy our nature, seekers of harmony and balance. Our lives are quests meant to be lived in spontaneous action until we reach that wonderful balance of something for nothing!

But I guess what I'm trying to get at is, don't let the love of others dictate your life and who you want to be. Let people love you, but don't let them control you. You're always free. 

Jimmm Presents, "Welcome to Dobbstown"

Just a bit of promotion for this album by Jimmm. I'm not really one for techno/trance music but I found myself enjoying this. A nice mixture of music from classic SubGenius albums mixed with some newer stuff (well, new to me anyhow). 

I was shown this album via the Toot social media app, via the Dobbs(dot)Town group. 

James Quall Album & David Liebe Hart Comic Book

I'm proud to announce that I am the owner of the very last copy of the amazing James Quall album, "The World Got Taken Over By Billionaire Scum". I ordered it along with a copy of the David Liebe Hart comic book, "David Liebe Hart is... Heartman". I was also given a few stickers and an autographed song-sheet with my purchase, which was a wonderful surprise. I may get the song-sheet framed.

Heartman is instantly one of my favorite superheroes. With his hyper-spiritual powers he says the universe from negative emotions, weird ladies, and goes up against his nemesis, Dr. Pain. 

The Addams Family

So the new Addams Family movie looks fun but middle of the road, doesn't it? Like design-wise it seems fine, but what little of the dialouge that is shared in the trailer make it look a little too G-rated for it's own good. I'll probably give it a watch on Netflix or whatever; it doesn't seem really worth getting excited over.

It did remind me of "The New Addams Family" that used to run on The Family Channel back in the early 2000's I believe. It was a pretty good show. A nice continuation of the original 1960's television program. I remember it being especially well-cast. Everyone does such a good job on this show, but sadly, I don't think I've ever seen an official digital release of the series.

"Microwave Mssacre" (1983)

To me, "Microwave Massacre" feels like the final episode of a sitcom that never existed. It's such an odd film insofar as it is kind of tame even though there are some very gratuitous scenes in it. It was marketed as "the worst horror movie of all time" but I really enjoyed it. I saw it one day before bed and proceeded to obsess over it for like a week. 

Donald, the main character, is a simply guy with a simple palate who just wants to eat simple foods, but his snooty wife wants to cook fancier foods using her brand new microwave. One drunk night, Donald kills his wife and accidentally stumbles into the role of a cannibal who has sex with the women he murders for his meals. 

Gif found at Internet is in America.

The whole thing feels like it needs a laugh track or commercial breaks. It's a short movie, but it also feels like a twisted hour long finale about a sitcom about a married couple who are always arguing. I guess that's the movie I made up in my mind while watching Donald eat Halloween store props. It's a fun movie! What can I say? Its charm won me over. It's full of quirky characters, a serious premise but leads with a comedic tone, and it's super cheap to look at.

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