Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Banana Splits Movie - Official Trailer | SYFY WIRE

Now this was a fun surprise. With that Five Night's at Freddy's movie taking forever to come out, someone had the bright idea to beat them to the punch with this. It's not a movie for theaters, but even still it'll scratch that itch. I used to watch the reruns of the original Banana Splits on Cartoon Network, and I even caught the remake when that was out. Never was I creeped out by the costumes or anything, but I remember having a friend who was.

I'm almost certain this movie has a paint-by-numbers structure to it, so, there's nothing to really to expect or hope for. It'll just be a gore-fest with animatronic cartoon characters massacring people of all ages, and really, that's all I ever wanted to see. It's a rated R film, so I'm guessing some of the violence will be cut down for it's television premiere. I'm hoping the DVD cut is totally unrated. 

Apparently, it's comic out on DVD before it premieres on SyFy, so I'll probably end up hunting down a copy sometime this summer.

There, apparently, already was a Banana Splits movie! Check it out below!

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