Tuesday, June 11, 2019

We Died in 2012 | A Retrospective on Dissolving Consensus

This is my favorite conspiracy theory at the moment. It's really far out there, but I dig it's style. It's strange and fanciful, but it also gets you thinking about like, "If this was the case, and this is true, then what the hell is existence really?"

I've always like the idea that all things exist because of some universal mind was considering what existence looked like, and the idea that reality-timelines could change because that same universal mind couldn't even keep it's thoughts in order just makes me smile. It's all too human. 

I of course have no other opinion than that. If we're already dead, then, we don't have much to worry about now, do we? Bills are piling up, and the economy is still shaky, but who cares? Just keep "living" the best life you can and see where it takes you before we're swallowed up by the void. 

In the podcast interview they talk more about the Mandela effect, which has been an ongoing inside joke between my friends and I, but again, maybe it's not a joke. 

Maybe it's the most powerful punchline in cosmic history. 

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