Thursday, July 25, 2019

Trading cards, little toys, and some stickers

Been doing a bit of cleaning these past few days, particularly my trading cards and small figures. I found space for them in two letter boxes from Micheal's, so they won't have to go into storage now thank goodness. While I organized them I decided to take a few pictures for Twitter, but I decided to share them here too. 

I won't be commenting on these too much, but I will say this; I am pretty amazed at how massive my Garbage Pail Kids cards collection is. I'm proud if I'm honest. I'm going to buy a binder to keep them in. I'm going to look more into the GPK trading card game too, seems interesting. I have a few from that line but I was never into tcg's like that. 

Also, gotta love those Toxic High trading cards! I feel like I used to have a lot more, but they must've been lost to time. I'm sure trying to find them now would cost a fortune so I might not even try. I really am half-tempted to get the Toxic High logo tattooed on me; academia as been such a horrible part of my life all of my life and this logo very much symbolizes how I feel about it all. 

I have more Lego guys than I expected. I suspect most of these were gifts.


The figures below are from a Monster Rancher trading card game I was obsessed with. I really loved collecting these, and the simplicity of the game itself.