Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Primer on Paired, Inverted Worlds Cosmology

This is one of the strangest books in my collection. Well, "book" might be an overstatement. It's a very short hypothesis by author Laurel Federbush who believes not only do we live on a flat earth, but laos, our flat earth coexists parrallel to another flat earth. It's presented as a hypthesis though rhetoric. but Federbush says she believes in this wholeheartedly, even if her scientist father would absolutely hate the idea. 

In no way am I a flat earther, but I do find this way of viewing the world and universe as interesting. I've read flat earth material before too, stuff by the renowned Parallax and Uncle Ebeneezer, but they at least described a world you could visibly see. They claimed the shape of the earth could be determined through the senses. Federbush's cosmology is entirely unique, and as far as I can tell, she is the first to come up with this particular model. 

What's on the second flat earth? Federbush gives no explanation or idea; she's never been there of course so what else is there to say really. I should point out there is a twinge of humor to this booklet. Federbush is just throwing the idea out there and seeing how people accept her cosmological model of paired and inverted flat earths. 

Honestly though, I dig it, but not as a believer; I dig it insofar as I like the idea for like a scifi or fantasy novel, or like, the setup for an RPG. It's a fun concept. And honestly, it's been about 4 years since this booklet became available; I wonder if Federbush has added more to her hypothesis, or advanced it in any capacity. 

We need more oddball concepts like these to keep our imaginations alive. 

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