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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Weedjies Halloweed Night Teaser | Full Moon Features

So, Full Moon Features is coming out with a huge slate of new movies between this year and next year, and even though Sorority Girls in the Slime Ball Bowl-o-Rama is finally getting a sequel, I think I'm more excited about Weedjies! This Deadly Ten project is pretty cool. They're making all sorts of fun stuff.

The title seems to be a pun or combination of the words weed and ouji. It's a Halloween themed movie filled with little troublemaker monsters, so already I'm sold on it. Full Moon is the best at little monsters, and this teaser reminds us of that by name dropping Ghoulies and Puppet Master. 

So, "Weedjies: Halloweed Night" was originally going to be titled just "Halloweed Night" (I've also seen "Halloweed Night: Meet the Weedjies"), but that title kinda sucks so I think this is a vast improvement. The character on the poster, a pumpkin-headed demon smoking a joint, doesn't seem to appear in the teaser, but maybe he's in the final film somewhere. There seems to be a variety of different Weedjies running around. 

There's a ton of behind the scenes footage over at the official Deadly Ten website for Weedjies and the other films on this slate. It's really ambitious to have the entire filming process filmed and live-streamed. I'm sure student filmmakers and fans will get a kick out of it. I'm really looking forward to the release of Weedjies and the rest of the Deadly Ten!

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