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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Shows that care about their fans

We live in a strange time. For a long, long while it felt like most relaunches based on already existing media were simply cash-grabs. Big companies just out to get the money out from the wallets from complete and hopeless nerds, like myself, by just churning out a cheap product. But now, at least for the moment, we're getting heartfelt and sincere works of art based on classic properties from the 1990's. Mainly, The Dark Crystal, and Creepshow.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance has no real reason to be as good as it currently is. It's absolutely stunning. Every episode was genuine art. There were a few things here and there that did bug me about the story, but not enough for me to even consider them problems. The show is astonishing and I think Jim Henson would have cried from joy knowing how much love was put into this series. 

Shudder just released the first episode of Creepshow, and my hopes are high. It really does feel like the natural progression of the original two movies. I've been told to ignore the third Creepshow film because no one involved was involved with that one at all, but I may still give it a watch if just to watch and see for myself how terrible it is.

But yeah, the new Creepshow series is so far totally amazing. It's still an anthology series, and I believe it will be two stories per episode. The Creep himself is involved, but he does not speak; he just laughs a ghoulish laughs as he manipulates the worlds within his comic books.

For both of these shows they got amazing people to work on a project they feel passionate about and it totally show. I hope this inspires an era of more sincere media and less cash-grab bullshit. I'm truly in awe and I'm thankful for both shows right now. 

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