Tuesday, October 8, 2019

NYCC 2019 Con-Report: It was the best!

At long last, NYCC arrived to us and with it came all of my hopes and dreams, and for once I received all that I wanted. Genuinely, this has to have been the best convention going experience of my life and I've been going to this particular one for almost a decade. The crowds were a bit much at times, but it was a burden worth bearing for the treasures me and my comrades were able to obtain. Too many good memories packed into the span of  4 days. The high I received from NYCC will last me until the next one I'm sure. 

If you were in attendance, I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. 

THURSDAY: Paradise, at long last

The first day was maybe the most magical one for me. Within five minutes of entering I literally bumped into Mick Foley, a childhood hero of mine, and he acknowledged my existence. It was a sign of great things to come for sure. Most of my purchases were from the Troma booth, pins mostly, and  I got to see so many amazing things around the area where Troma's booth was located. And I found out that Crank Yankers is making a comeback! 

Later that evening, my friend and I enjoyed the screening of the latest episode of Shudder's new CREEPSHOW series. It was loads of fun, and my friend won a limited edition pin based on one of the stories from the first episode. 

FRIDAY: 40 minutes of ecstasy 

I was only able to swing by the convention for about 40 minutes on Friday, but I still managed to see some cool stuff. I stopped by the Shudder booth and got a tote bag, some posters, and some limited edition socks. The Creep was there, sitting headless and quiet. I chose not to disturb him. There were some great cosplayers around the convention this day as well. Love seeing the Tar-Man. 


Saturday was the big day. It started strong with a package from Pixel Elixir; I received my CASTLE FREAK  pin, and a bag of goodies. The Zombie Skittles were delicious, but then I found the zombie flavored ones; they taste like rotten meat! 

While at the convention, I purchased a literal piece of my childhood; an animation cel from TOXIC CRUSADERS! It's so great to have one of these, and I even got a Toxie patch for my denim jacket. 

Another amazing find was a windup toy of Arkus from the POWER LORDS toyline. I didn't even know this thing existed, but now I own it. It was originally $30, but I was able to get it for $5! It's a NYCC miracle!! 

SUNDAY: My body begins to fail me

Sunday, my body felt like it was falling apart. I was able to take a solid lap around the convention, but that's it. I spent most of the convention loitering with my friends and watching cosplayers. We just breathed in the nerdy air and absorbed what energy we could from the people around us. It's like this every Sunday at NYCC, but it's always worth it. I managed to take a few good pictures.


With the con over, I had to brace myself for reality. I swam in the afterglow of NYCC, but nothing good lasts forever. Still, I had a cosmic ray of sunshine blast it's way into my life; the latest issue of MAD arrived in my mailbox, and with it a spectacular poster of the many circles of Hell. "Bob" himself makes a cameo as Beelzebob, praise be. It's the final issue of full new material, so what a send off.