Tuesday, October 1, 2019

It's October! LET THE EVIL BEGIN!!

We've made it to October! For me, it's like the start of a New Year. October 1st is the start of the best season on the calendar. We get Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Xmas! Plus my birthday is somewhere in there! 



So I decided to try something new this year. I'm planning ahead and marking down all the movies I want to watch ahead of time so I have something to watch everyday. Some days I may have to watch while on my commute, other days I may have to wake up extra early and watch a movie before class, and some days it will be after work. Will I be able to stick to it? Who knows! 

My first movie to lead me into the season was "Mad Monster Party?" from 1967. It's a slow paced stop-motion film, which leads me to believe this was made by adult monster fans for adult monster fans. This really isn't a movie for kids; there's not much slapstick or comedy they'd get.

The characters all have great designs, and the animation is top notch. I'm really glad I chose this movie as my first for the calendar. There's a bounce to it. It doesn't really feel like a Halloween movie, but it does have all the iconic monsters in it. 


I decided to swing by Dollar Tree today while I was out grocery shopping. I went a little overboard with the candy, but hey, it's the season for it. I even got a trick or tree bag to carry everything home with. I was mainly looking for the Kool-Aid "Ghoul-Aid" pop rocks candy that was exclusive to Dollar Tree, and I'm happy to report that I got it! I did get other candies as well, like the candy blood, but I had to get the little bag filled with toy skeletons and fake bugs. Now it's starting to feel like the Halloween season.


Shudder is really making it difficult for me as a horror fan because they somehow have too much stuff for me to view. Ideally, I would be home all day stoned out of my mind and watching nothing but sci-fi and horror films until the end of time, but sadly there aren't enough hours in the day for that. 

Ever since subscribing to Shudder I've really fallen in love with their original content. I know they're going to be at NYCC this year so I wonder what items they're going to have for sale, or, what freebies they'll have for fans. 

I'm going to do my best to make it to this CREEPSHOW screening, but I know it's going to be swamped with fans. I've got my fingers crossed though. 


Speaking of CREEPSHOW; the first episode made me so hungry for more anthology horror I decided to seek out lesser known titles. I found these two on Prime.

"Dead on Appraisal" is a Lovecraftian horror-comedy with some fun practical and CGI effects. It all takes place in one location, and it is absolutely my type of movie. Cartoony monsters, gory and slimy splatter effects, and a deep dark undertone. I really enjoyed it and I would watch it again in a heartbeat.

"Terror Telly" is a horror host guided tour on a haunted channel that showcases different genres of horror stories. It's low budget and hokey, but not in a bad way. There's nothing within it that elevates it above your expectations though. I really enjoyed there being a host to it, just a guy who looks like a young Zacherly trying to act spooky, but I dunno, the whole movie kept losing me. It just couldn't keep my full attention. I'd watch a sequel though, but I hope if they do make one they set their ambitions a little higher. 


Speaking of horror hosts, the amazing Mister Lobo has signed a deal with Alpha Video and he is now working with them to officially release episodes of Cinema Insomnia!

I think this is an excellent partnership. Alpha Video has such a great library of movies and they've helped preserve so many films and television shows for fans that this alliance with Mister Lobo just makes sense. I look forward to ordering these DVD's soon!


Also, this month is the start of Ducktober. While most artists are participating in "Inktober", I will be focusing my skills as a doodlist  on drawing various anthropomorphic ducks. Think "Ducktales" or "The Mighty Ducks" cartoon from the 1990's.

Below is the list created by my friend on Twitter.

And below is my first Ducktober duck! I didn't want to draw a normal witch, with a pointed hat and broomstick. I decided to go with a sort of frumpy goth-girl look. She's the kind of person who'd buy all of her occult items from the mall at like Spencer's or Hot Topic, and yet, she has a crazed and powerful look in her eyes; what powers could she be hiding!

I think this is going to be the best October ever!

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