Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Is the Corona Virus just the Y2K Bug in disguise?!

The Dracula teeth on my mask scare away the Corona Virus!! 

All this pandemic stuff is total bullshit. It's really making everyone go crazy and ruining our lives. Toilet paper has become rarer than gold, folks are wearing protective gloves and masks for trips to the market, and most medicines have been bought out. It's difficult to gauge how bad it all really is when you're too scared to leave the house. 

I'm still working though, since my job is considered essential. It's been an interesting experience to say the least. My normal commutes are usually very crowded and slow, but now the trains I usually ride are basically empty and my usual hour and a half commute only takes me 40 minutes. The streets are empty, and so are the shelves at the market. I consider myself a moderate doomsday prepper; I have a go-bag, plenty of canned food, and some meds at my place. I never had the urge to by more than what I needed but I've seen people go absolutely insane for supplies. After 9/11 I always made sure to have some sort of plan. I hope people have a better idea of what they want to do once we get through this. 

It's super weird seeing the normally packed MTA trained totally empty during morning RUSH HOUR. I think only a dozen people were on the train with me, and everyone was keeping a distance from other commuters, which of course is what we're doing right now as a society. I don't miss the crowds at all, but I do feel melancholy that this is the new normal for the time being.

The LIRR is cutting back on service by 35% because of the low numbers. This does hurt my commute so I'll have to plan my trip to work better. Last night when I took this picture I'm almost certain it was just two of us entering the train at my station. That's just nuts. 

And since I can't go out and see my friends, I've been carrying around some of my smaller figures for some semblance of companionship. It's silly, but it helps. Desperate times call for ridiculous solutions. Going through my collection, and finding combinations of figures really helps me ease some of the loneliness I've been feeling. Some of these little toys I haven't looked at in months so it's like getting to know them all over again.

I got this Hot Wheels TANKNATOR exclusively because it can hold small figures in it. It's like the raddest thing ever made by Hot Wheels.

This guy is new to my collection. It's a plastic egg with a squishy egg inside of it that is filled with slime, a small alien, and an accessory. 

These guys are new too and I ADORE THEM. They're called CREEPZEEZ, and they're made by Orb Toys, who are like masters at weird jiggly toys. This is their line of weird monster "action figures" They're very squishy, they jiggle, and they all represent forces of nature; IT'S THE DEFENDERS VERSUS THE DEFIANTZ, WHO WILL WIN!!

I root for the Defiantz myself, but I love all of them equally. 


So, in these scary times I thought it'd be in everyone's best interest if I share some pages from this mostly useful book from my collection. The Y2K Surivival Guide and Cookbook was written for a different sort of disaster that never occurred (obviously) but there's still plenty of good emergency planning advice within it. 

I hope someone out there finds this useful. Please be safe and plan for this and all future disasters the best you can. 


It was only a matter of time for sure, but, I didn't think it'd be done this quickly! Full Moon Features has already made a movie called CORONA ZOMBIES! Absolutely tasteless and exploitative, but I'm glad it's being done. We're in serious times right now and we need to start laughing at how bad and stupid things are if we're ever going to have the strength to keep fighting. 

If this is the end of the world, let's go out heckling it.

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