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Sunday, July 26, 2020


It's difficult to keep up with the media landscape these days. With the world ending, a lot of movies that we were all looking forward to have been pushed back almost indefinitely. On the other hand, so many reviewers, YouTubers, and nostalgia wankers keep watching and re-watching the same handful of films ad nauseam. We can't have new cult classics if we keep worshiping the old classics forever; we need to look to the future and see what new creative minds are cooking up for us to consume. And that's why you need TROMA NOW!

It's my favorite streaming service. It does have all of the classic Troma movies that are essential for living, but there are new ones too; plus shorts, music videos, documentaries, classic films from the Roan archive, comics, and movies from up and coming new creators. 

In all honesty I wanted to bring this up because of the amazing movie, EVUL TWINZ. I cannot put into words how much I truly enjoy this movie. It's vulgar, disgusting, vile, irredeemable, but also somehow loving, charming, and just filled to bursting with personality. 

Sadly, there's no trailer I can share; EVUL TWINZ just suddenly appeared on Troma Now one day and the world was never the same. Like a meteor falling to the earth, EVUL TWINZ has left a huge impact; at least with me, I think it's great. 

The only synopsis I can give that doesn't spoil the whole story is Jack and Larry, the titular twins, are off their meds and are now hungry cannibals. That's it. That's the whole plot. 

I'm not sure if there will ever be a sequel. I hope so, but there's some stuff after the credits that indicate that there won't be. Mercedes the Muse, the director, did a great job with this movie and my fanboy dream would be for Jack and Larry to appear in the background of all her future films. 

So yeah, get Troma Now, watch amazingly strange and unique films, support living artists and new creators, and if that doesn't sound interesting to you then also consider that Troma Now has the complete Toxic Crusaders cartoon show and Toxic Crusader comics! 

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