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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Halloween Hunting 2020

At long last, spooky season is here, and as an added bonus, the weather is wonderfully cool here in NYC. 

I've been seeing Halloween candy since at least late July but now it's really everywhere. I still can't decide what I want to be for Halloween this year. Last year I was Pugsly Addams, and I went with some friends to a karaoke place. It was a great time. Not sure if this year will be as good but I hope so. It's not only my favorite season, and very holiday, but Halloween to me is like the first day of a new year on my personal calendar. 

I was considering getting a rubber mask (like the one above) but I think I prefer the plastic masks with the strings you tie around your head best. The kind I mean are like the ones that used to be produced by Ben Cooper. If I find anything like this while Halloween hunting I'm definitely going to pick it up. 


I'm happy to see that Zombie Skittles are back this year! I must have eaten like 5 bags of this stuff last year. There seems to be no difference between these and the ones from last year though, so it's not much of a sequel. I'm still going to eat my body weight in them though.

I found these Ghostbuster Ectoplasm toys at Dollar Tree. They're filled with different colored slimes and come with the tiniest Ghostbuster figurines I've ever seen in my life. Currently, I lost the demon dog because I SNEEZED IT OFF MY DESK. 

And these Slime Sludge not-Legos are pretty cool too, but I'm not into Lego figures. I do like like they have a slime-zombie aesthetic. Someones got to be into this.

Dollar Tree also has these beautifully sculpted witch figures with a laughing feature. I mean, these are really nicely made and they're only one dollar. I'm in awe.

And another returning candy from last year, Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid popping candy! These things are 300% sugar! I still haven't found the drink version of these but I'm happy to have the popping candy for now. 

Anyway, Happy Halloween Hunting everyone!

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