Sunday, September 13, 2020

Prophetic Films to Watch in your Bunker during the End Times

Recently I've been getting stuff ready for storage. It hurts packing away all my collectibles but I'm really running out of space. While packing away my movies I came to the stark realization that I don't own a copy of ARISE! The Church of the SubGenius Movie. It's crazy because I must have watched it at least a thousand times through official and unofficial means. It's an absolute classic and needs to be watch by every man, woman, non-binary, animal, vegetable and mineral in the world. It cleanses your chakras, stays crunchy in milk, and will actually turn all of your karma into a nice refreshing strawberry-banana daiquiri. It's that good!

So of course I remedied this disgusting sin from my akashic records and finally ordered a copy for my secret SubGenius Shrine. 

Most (if not all) of Arise! exists for free via Reverend Ivan Stang's official YouTube page. But more importantly you can purchase a real official copy directly from the SubGenius Video Scatalog for yourself to love, cherish, worship, and make love to if you so desire. 

You can also watch it via Dr. Philo Drummond's contribution to the OSI74 VIMEO page by clicking here if you so want. (Please be mindful of the ThankJar link)

And, while we're at it, you should also check out Reverend Stang's other amazing videos, like his prophetic film LET'S VISIT THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, which absolutely documents what has happened to the world so far. You'll be shocked, astounded, bewildered, and also horrified! So horrofied in fact that you'll go buy the DVD via the SubGenius Video Scatalog!

And while not officially sanctioned by the Church of the SubGenius itself, Craig Baldwin's TRIBULATION 99 does carry a special spark of rogue SubGenius energy, as though Baldwin himself was tapping into the MWOM and deciphering forbbidden knowledge that only specially selected monks within the highest of high councils of Dobbs.Town usually have access too. 

The works of Craig Baldwin are new to me, but I feel like I've seen clips of TRIBULATION 99 while watching public access in the 90's. Some of it is all too familiar and tickles my brain and pokes at my third eye in a way that is near orgasmic. 

Currently, some noble pilgrim on YouTube has uploaded the whole film for us to watch during these End Times, but you can purchase it directly from the director (I believe) via the Other Cinema website

And if you at all think these absolutely sacred teaching are at all wrong, you can always refer to Zontar of  Venus' amazing documentary Perverse Preachers, Fascist Fundamentalists and Kristian Kiddie Kooks from 1991. An absolute treasure trove of truth! You'll be astounded, amazed, and dumbfounded! 

It's actually a very difficult film to get a hold of, so watch it while you can. 

And actually, Zontar Home Video continues to produce high quality prophetic bulldada and advanced social commentary videos via the official Zontar Venus YouTube page. If you watch enough Zontar branded media, it may actually activate your Z-chromozone (which is different than the SubGenius Yeti Gene) and you'll be properly subjugated under Zontar; like it was always meant to be. 

This is of course only the beginning of what could be considered an endless education. There are also plenty of old shows, documentaries, and cartoons that could advance your soul eons in advance over any normal person. If any of this rings true to you, and it should, please consider joining us and our ranks in the Church of the SubGenius, and let "Bob" think for you. 

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