Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Shrekfest 2020 Online... COMING SOON!!!! (This weekend actually)

This year has been a very lonely one for the most part. Between the deaths and the quarantines, it's difficult to understand how to even have fun anymore! But there are glimmers of hope even in this dark, dark times. Yes, it is possible to still have fun in 2020!

Weeks ago, many of us members of the Church of the SubGenius had our X-Day celebrations via Zoom, and various internet links. I'd say it was pretty successful. We all had a great time, enjoyed each others company while still maintaining a distance from one another. It  wasn't the usual X-Day, but the circumstances were what they still are. Again, in spite of these End Times, we enjoyed ourselves (even if the SubGenius Doomsday Prophecy was unsuccessful yet again! [next year for sure!!!])

So what's next? SDCC was online, and kind of a dud, and DC Fan Dome (or whatever it was called) was apparently a huge success. So it's a mixed bag right now to say the least. 

But what's a guaranteed for success?? SHREKFEST!! 

So I'm knew to this whole Shrek-fandom thing. I saw the original film in theaters when it came out like twice I think (once with my family, a second time with a friend from out of town) and I thought it was pretty good. The sequels were of varying quality, but the first two are without question lots of fun. Some of the TV specials were good too, especially the Halloween one

So, Shrekfest? Sure! Why not! Looks like fun. Maybe next year I'll go there in person and join in on the festivities! This year however, much like other events mentioned in this post, Shrekfest will be held online for all to enjoy from the safety of their own homes. Fans have been submitting videos, art, music, and all sorts of crazy shit to showcase and I can't wait.

I think it's going to be lots of fun, and I look forward to watching along with everyone. I'm so hyped I even bought some merch to help support them.

(My order came with this filthy cartoon glove... what does it mean!?)

As Shrekfest grows in power, so does Shrek. This isn't just your run of the mill family event you saps, this is a new powerful cult in it's infancy! Soon, Shrekfest members will reach the heights of even the Dudeists! There is already evidence of various Shrek cabals forming around the world. Just you wait, there will be a Shrekoning!

And while you wait for Shrekfest to start, you can enjoy 3GI Studios (who host Shrekfest) amazing film, SHREK RETOLD. It really is beautifully made by hardcore fans, regular fans, and folks who kind of remember the first Shrek movie. It looks like a real labor of love.

I hope you guys check out Shrekfest this year, it's bound to be fun and interesting. Who know's what surprises will pop up! I'm especially looking forward to watching the Onion Eating Contest

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