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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

All sorts of cannibals

So I've been watching a lot of movies that feature cannibalism. Not on purpose, it just turned out that way. It's been great and I've found some fun movies to enjoy this month, even if these movies aren't specifically Halloween themed. 

Headcheese is a movie from the good people from Crude Comics & Cinema, and stars Richie Ramone. I watched it on Troma Now but it is also available currently on Amazon Prime, and if you like really wild and strange movies this is definitely up there. It's a tiny monster gore-fest, kinda like Gremlins or Critters. 

Headcheese is really great actually. It's very high energy and I think I could describe it as a "punk rock garage band" film. The production value seems pretty low, but they do a lot with what they got. The editing and sound quality is all over the place, but it never slows down and the music is really engaging. The inbred cannibal trolls in this movie are siblings that go around killing and causing mayhem are pretty simple puppets, but they look great. I thought their origin was pretty creative. 

It's a crazy movie, and I'm happy I stumbled onto it. 

Moving on, I don't know how I missed out on Flesh Eating Mothers all these years. It's definitely up my alley. It's schlocky and really hokey, but it works. One of those movies where you probably couldn't recreate the magic that made it happen in the first place. It's definitely a farce, poking fun of zombie movies I suppose, but it plays itself straight even though the premise is absolutely ridiculous. 

Only mothers are affected by a sexually transmitted disease that turns them into lunatic cannibals. They'll devour their own children and husbands! It's great! The """teenagers""" in this movie are all close to 30 years old, but I feel like they were meant to be even younger. There's a character named "Timmy" and I get the feeling that he was meant to be played by like a 10 year old or something, but he's played by an adult actor. 

The makeup on the flesh eating moms is wonderful, they all have this toothed smile. The gore is pretty good too, but I am in love with the animation they made for the scene where the scientists are examining the virus (you really have to see this scene!). Like, if you enjoyed Killer Klowns from Outer Space, you might enjoy this.

This may have fallen into my bucket of all time favorite movies. 

I haven't watched BEWARE! CHILDREN AT PLAY! in maybe 20 years, so when I saw it up on Troma Now I decided to give it another watch. It's still as strange and off-putting as I can remember, but now certain elements of this make a bit more sense. 

Kids are being kidnapped by an older kid who was lost in the woods with his father, a brilliant literature professor, and is forming a cannibal cult based on elements of Beowulf. The children call themselves "goblins" and go around killing and devouring adults. Meanwhile, a farmer named Braun (who might be the descendant of the Brownie religious movement, led by cult leader Preacher Brown) proclaims that the children have become demons and must be sacrificed to appease God. A sheriff teams up with a author who specializes in the paranormal and hopes to solve all this mess. 

BEWARE! CHILDREN AT PLAY is surprisingly dark. I mean, maybe not "surprisingly" but it is dark especially when you see how silly some of the violence can get. The last five minutes is just the Braun cult followers murdering the children. It's a legendary action sequence and it's definitely earned it's infamy, but you will laugh at a lot of the carnage.

This movie was distributed by Troma, and it falls on the pile of Troma movies that I feel deserve some sort of prequel, or sequel, or even a sidequel. I would really like to see a movie about like the Preacher Brown religious cult which was  talked about in the beginning of the film, or even a direct sequel. 

This is probably my favorite movie about killer children

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