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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Spending money is the only path to salvation!

So Slack Friday is here again, and it gives those of you who still seek salvation the chance to save yourself, and a loved one for the price of one! Or just keep both membership packets for yourself and be doubly saved! THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Just go to the SubGenius Scatalog by clicking somewhere in this sentence. The Bulldada Time Control Laboratories of The First Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of Dobbs Yeti, Resurrected of the Church of the SubGenius accepts orders via the internet (via PayPal) or by snail mail. Just follow the instructions on the webpage. 

The world might end at any second, so it's really in your best interest to send your money to the High Epopt, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, so your very soul can be spared from the wrath of JHVH-1 and the other evil alien space gods when they show up to obliterate this dumb spaceship we call "Earth". And as a bonus, all members of the church will party with the Alien Sex Gods and Goddesses on their Pleasure Saucers as we zip across the universe to another dimension where we will live in unbearable pleasure for all times. 

Or you can stay on earth and be eaten by a bunch of Cthulhus. 

Meanwhile, since I am already saved from the End Times, I'm enjoying in the luxury of my end of year shopping. Although, as always, my tastes are rather niche. 

From Horror Decor I purchased this Zeke the Plumber bag doll. I gotta say when I saw this thing it sent a whole rush of memories from that episode of Salute Your Shorts where Zeke appeared. 

I swear I had nightmares for days as a kid but now I look back with such fondness to that terror. 

I would love a full length movie of this character. A while back Nickelodeon made that Legends of the Hidden Temple movie, why not a kid-friendly horror film based on this episode? It can even be like a reunion of  Salute Your Shorts. I'd watch it. 

Speaking of things I'd watch; so I somehow missed out on the Jingle All The Way sequel. Or at least, I didn't know there was one until I watched it on television a few days ago. The original is a movie I enjoyed as a kid but I never revisted it (although now I really want to). I always wanted a Turbo Man action figure like in the original movie and now there's this Harrison the Bear doll that came out as a premium with the Walmart release of the Jingle All the Way 2 DVD and I am currently on the hunt for it. I may have missed out on Turbo Man, but I refuse to let Harrison the Bear slip through my fingers as well!

Oh and the movie was fun. It stars Larry the Cable Guy and Santino Marela (from the WWE). As it turns out this was made during that period where the WWE  was funding movies. I haven't seen any of the other WWE films but I liked this one. It may end up as part of my holiday rotation. It's weird, but Larry the Cable Guy really does have this gross "everyman" charm about him, and really good comic timing. 

Another thing I watched was the Animaniacs Hulu reboot and it was pretty good. The animation felt a little wonky, but it hardly matters; the humor was still on point. I heard that the original writing team wasn't involved in this reboot so whoever worked on it were definitely fans of the original show. 

A  highlight for me though was the very, very brief cameo by the Loonatics from the old Kids WB show, Loonatics Unleashed. It's a very short cameo where Dot Warner is singing about voting right for 'toons and she totally disses the Loonatics referring to them as "whatever these are".  I was a a genuine fan of the show (I have both seasons on DVD) and it was nice seeing these characters again (especially since I thought they'd never appear in anything ever again). 

My November Dino Drac Funpack arrived and it was pretty good. The October one was definitely more up my alley, but I really love the Magic Grobots growing figures, and the Rescuers Down Under ornaments. 

I'm pretty sure these Magic Grobots are molded from old Gundam keshi figures but I can't find any proof of that. 

The fun I get out of these packs is that they're normally filled with items I wouldn't normally pick up on my own, but always kind of wanted or would want. 

And lastly, my birthday passed recently and I'd like to share some of my favorite gifts. My partner got me this amazing arrangement of socks that look like a full burger meal. It was truly one of the most unique gifts that I've ever gotten. 

And a friend of mine got me this amazing Freddy Freaker plush doll! Who would have guessed I'd have Freddy Freaker merch decades after seeing him on TV. Wild. I wonder what else will be made in the future (if there is one). 

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