Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Turbo Man is the Reason for the Season

I'm not too keen on Xmas, not really anyway I mean I do like gifts and the cold winter air but there's something about the season that has always left me cynical. I guess it's all the fake "good will towards men" bullshit I see everywhere. Like everyone says, it's all too commercial and terrible so finding any real generosity is tough. But hey, guess what; I found some. 

So, long story short; I was watching the holiday classic Jingle All the Way with some friends and I had mentioned how much I wanted a Turbo Man figure (like the one in the movie) and how Woolworth's had a limited run of them back in the 90's when I was a kid. Turbo Man figures go for so much money on eBay and are pretty sought after and I just figured I would never own one. 


For CHRISTMAS I was given a TIGER ELECTRONICS TALKING TURBO MAN ACTION FIGURE (WITH ELECTRONIC LIGHTS AND SOUNDS). I was dumbfounded, shocked, elated, worried, and confused. It was as if my girlfriend told me she was pregnant or something. I had all the emotions in a matter of seconds. 

I still can't believe it. And no, I'm never going to open it. It's never been opened and I plan on safe guarding this toy until the day I die. Basically I will be putting Turbo Man into storage and only retrieving him for decoration purposes every Christmas. It's my dream come true!!

But seriously, the generosity of some people is really humbling. I'm really touched by that because it wasn't just the cost but also the search for this specific figure in this specific condition. Too amazing. 

Another amazing item to enter my life is this Billiken coin bank from 1908. It's a 112 year old chunk of metal of my patron god and guardian angel and I couldn't be happier to have it in my life. This was a birthday gift for me ordered sometime last month that arrived on December 1st. Again, the generosity of some people humbles me. 

I don't think I'll be putting any coins in it, but it will be displayed on my desk forever. Odds are I will collect a few more Billiken statues and geegaws as time goes by.

And speaking of collecting, here's some stuff I picked up. I got a small surprise pack of even smaller Wacky Packages. It's weird holding these. I had so many of the stickers growing up but having these in my hand makes me think "what'll I do with these?" but I guess I can pose them with my Garbage Pail Kid figures or something. 

And the December Dino Drac Fun Pack arrived, and as always Dinosaur Dracula knows exactly how to tickle that part of my brain that thrives off of nostalgia. Having that Sebastian Crab Xmas tree ornament really brought back some good memories, and I adore the random trading cards and the little Scooby Doo figure. And the chips were really tasty. 

What else, what else..

Oh! I watched Bobbleheads: The Movie, and it wasn't terrible. Actually I thought it was pretty cute. No idea why it exists but whatever. It follows Toy Story rules (kinda) but there's this clandestine "Bobblehead Council" mentioned throughout the movie that just makes me laugh. The Illuminati isn't what we think it is people! It's Bobbleheads! BOBBLEHEADS I TELL YOU!

But yeah, Bobbleheads: The Movie isn't really worth seeking out unless you have a passing bit of curiosity into its existence. It's like, why make this? Also, Cher has a cameo towards the end. Shrug. 

It's been a real shit year, and even though time is a construct and not real, I'm glad this year is coming to a close. Hopefully some new energy will flow into all of us and give us the boost we need to just not give up even though a lot of us really, really want to. 

I finished off this year better than I started it, I guess. My grandfather passed away, and so did one of my pet turtles, and I haven't seen most of my friends since December of 2019, but somehow I'm still chugging along making my way through to 2021. I pray that we all make it through somehow. 

I never finished posting about my trip to the Philippines. So much has happened since I returned to the US in January that it feels like that whole trip was just a dream. If I can I'll try to finish that post tomorrow. There's still so much to prepare for. 

In the meantime please enjoy this durian cake mascot that inexplicably has boobs. 

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