Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 will be the year I learn how to properly weaponize my lethargy

I took my Billiken out for a walk on New Years Eve. I figured he would like some fresh air occasionally. 

I hope that Billiken (God of Things As They Ought to Be), or any of his good fortune carrying cousins, brings you the luck you need during this new cycle. Things got weird, and they can always get weirder. A little luck goes a long way. A huge number of people prefer to ignore reason anyway, may as well put our faith in unknown forces.

"Since the Earth-men, especially the Americans, seem to place their faith in 'luck' instead of scientific certainties; I'd like to wish you all 'luck'." -The Amino Acids

We can wipe off the grime we've accumulated from the shit year that was 2020. We're all a little battle damaged, and I feel like even our therapists will need therapists at this point, but that's fine; those of us who remained can slowly ease back into some semblance of our former routines and hopefully craft newer ones for this strange new world we are in. 

So, do your best this year. If there ever was a time to really hustle and get moving, this would be it. Fortune favors the bold after all. Even I have a few goals I want to reach. I wouldn't call them resolutions, mostly because they're more important to me than just that. Here's hoping I can pull them off. 

Happy New Year everyone. And good luck to you.

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