Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The End Times started when the universe was created

Stuff sure does seem dire. The pandemic is still going on, there was an attack on the US capitol by insurgents, there's a freak snowstorm going on in Texas, and the new presidential administration sure feels like they're dragging their feet to get started on anything important (like stimulus checks for example). It's all so very dreary if I'm honest and even the fleeting instances of real positivity or hope feel both intangible and insincere. 

But we stay hoping for a better tomorrow where we'll be liberated from this constant state of nihilism and despair. Nothing is meant to last forever, even the worst of times give way to patches of goodness that we can rest upon. Stability is a liar that we should not rely on, and chaos remains the only reality we can find any peace within. So, I guess it's all good the way it is. The End Times keep chugging along and all we can do is hold on while the ride is in motion. 

There is serenity in Chaos.
Seek ye the Eye of the Hurricane. 


Our leaders will always fail us, this much has always been true. Oh sure they get lucky here and there, but ultimately we live in a constructed reality that they try to control. Do your best to shrug it off. As far as I know we live but one life in our currently form, so do your best with it. We all surf the Luck Plane to our own skill, and hopefully we don't wipe out too often (but you will wipe out from time-to-time).

No one knows what's really going on, least of all me. I just try my best to pay attention to the important parts and keep my friends as close as I can. So far I have lived a very blessed and fortunate life. The best remedy for the constant dreariness of life I feel is to have as much fun as possible and enjoy the little bits of joy as they come along.

Speaking of which, this year has started out pretty good for my collecting. I, at long last, have my very own Blurp Ball (minus the projectile), a Boglin figurine, and Agent 346 from the kids anime Cocotama (which has been an emotional support show for me these past few months), and a Burger King toy based on Barnyard Commandos. I also found this funny pig-flasher figure at a Salvation Army. No idea where it's from but it's kinda rad. 

But I don't just collect toys and figures. Not that I've ever really talked about it on this blog before but I also collect blessed and cursed objects. Toys are just easier to get if I'm honest. Thankfully, I have good friends who help me out whenever I need weird stuff in my life.

My recent acquisition of a blessed object comes from my wonderful friend Sara, one of the hosts of the great Two Witches Podcast. Two Witches is mainly about the study of synchronizations between the hosts and their relationship to the paranormal and to Mother Joseph. It's all really fascinating stuff and I really recommend it. 

So, Sara sent me a box filled with amazing stuff. Little brick charms (one with my name on it), stickers, a serial killer coloring book, but more importantly I was given an actual brick made by the Hidden Brick Company.

So I'm still learning about the significance of these Hidden bricks, but they mean a lot to Sara and her fellow podcast host Andrea

Hidden bricks carry a lot of history and a good deal of magic as well. I don't talk much about magic and the occult, even if I do consider myself a cultist of sorts, but mostly I don't speak about these things because there are so many misconceptions on what magic and the occult actually are. I don't want to be a part of the muddling of terms or give the impression that I am some sort of authority on the matter. 

There really is something about these bricks though, and their connection to Mother Joseph. I really look forward to learning more with the Two Witches as they continue to investigate and share what they uncover.

Another interesting item sent to me in the same box from Sara was a zip locked bag with the words "YOU HAVE BEEN CURSED" scribbled on it with a marker. The zip lock bag contained these items; a comic book entitled JOSHUA, by Janice.Click, some stickers, and a tiny tiny jar with a little dead bug in it. 

If you go to Janice.Click, you'll see it's the website of a filmmaker and artist who makes some seriously eerie stuff. I love it. The website describes this style as horror-cringe, which totally fits my aesthetic in horror. If you want to check out some of this creators films, check out their YouTube page there's a lot of fun and interesting stuff there, especially their trailer for the upcoming MCMURDERER.

And lastly, I will share with you guys something that arrived just yesterday. My membership card to one of the most mysterious and illusive secret societies in the known cosmos. The one that really pulls the strings behind all global events! THE MOVIE CLUB!

The Movie Club, a subsidiary of The Attic Dwellers, is a group of guys (Eric and Tig) who watch movies, discuss nostalgia and pop culture, and just share the love of movie watching. It's a fun time, and they do a lot to engage with their followers on both YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

And if I'm totally honest, it feels pretty good carrying around a card like this again. It vaguely resembles an old Blockbuster card, and each card is individually numbered. I am member #0027!

I guess that's all for now. Until next time.