Monday, August 23, 2021

Glorious, glorious GLORP Gum!

 Have you guys heard of GLORP GUM? Probably some of the raddest gumballs ever made that come with a free shirt which is somehow RADDER!! 

I had meant to blog about GLORP GUM for a while now (these pictures are from months ago), but I love my GLORP shirt with all my heart. I wear it at all the special occasions I go to, and it really is a handsomely designed garment if I do say so. 

The COSMIC SURGE GLORP GUM had a feint cherry flavor to it, and it temporarily gave me cosmic powers and made me supreme ruler of the whole dang universe for about .02 seconds! Nifty! The gum is long gone, but I still have my beautiful shirt and all the stickers that came with it. 

If I have my way I will be buried in my GLORP shirt!

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