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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food of the Gods

So my absolute favorite food is Salisbury steak. It's not something I grew up with, it's just something I ordered once from a diner and it sent me over the moon. The modern version of Salisbury steak is filled with bread crumbs, egg, and is usually floating in some sort of sauce or gravy. I love it. I think it's a really good, filling, nourishing and easily digestible food. I like it better than regular Hamburg steak, which can usually be too dense or salty, and I think I like it more than hamburgers (although I am not married to that thought). I'd say the only thing better than Salisbury steak is an actual steak from a place that knows how to cook them properly. That aside, Salisbury steak is tops for me. 

Imagine my surprise when I learned about its creator, Dr. Salisbury, and the fad diet he created around this meal. I really had no idea, so imagine my surprise when I learned this history. Apparently created to help with the body to heal itself from disease, ailments, and toxins, Dr. Salisbury created his now famous "lean meat cakes" as part of a regiment to help the sick regain their health and vitality. He wasn't a quack doctor either, he had all the right credentials and training and experience to run the experiments needed to come up with this diet, but this was in the early days of germ theory so it all seems primitive these days. 

I may actually try out this diet of hot waters, soft meats, and crackers. My current diet isn't too far off honestly, and experimenting with what I eat sounds like fun. In the past I tried the GM Diet with great success, so maybe this will be just as beneficial for me. 

There are other recipes in Dr. Salisbury's book, "The Relation of Alimentation and Disease", but they weren't as popular. Maybe I'll try those in the future too. I expect to be doing a lot of Googling to try and figure out some of the old timey lingo and nomenclature for some of the foods he mentions tho. 

Here are some links to help you discover the life-giving properties of this amazing meal.

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