Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Halloween 2021 begins

I'm not sure when Halloween became a months spanning event but I am so glad for it. When I was a kid it was just something we looked forward to sometime near the end of October but now the vibe starts in September! Amazing! 

And because Halloween snacks have started to arrive in some stores starting in late August around my neighborhood I have been destroying my stomach and teeth with candy for days now and i couldn't be happier for it. There's some really fun stuff coming out too and I can't wait. 

So far my favorite are the Warheads Sour Body Parts gummies. And I'm heartbroken Zombie Skittles aren't back again this year but thankfully I still have a bag for emergency purposes. Skittles Shriekers are okay I guess but they don't have the taste of rotting meat like Zombie Skittles do. 

Oh and of course there's Halloween cereal out there now. I found some of the Addams Family tie-in Kellog's cereal and picked up the Lurch flavored one. Man, chocolate frosted cereal with a lot of marshmallows; this is the stuff I dreamed of as a kid. All my mom ever got was Farina or Cheerios. I mean that stuff isn't bad but it certainly doesn't get a kid excited for breakfast. And what was I supposed to have on Saturday morning to watch my cartoons with! Honestly! 8-year-old me can't fight the forces of COBRA or whatever with a bowl of Farina! 


Matt from Dinosaur Dracula is doing a 4 part video series on old Halloween junk food from the early days of his blog so that's fun. That green applesauce is the stuff of nightmares and I love it. It's crazy how much of this stuff I missed though, I was definitely alive and conscious during this time but I have a lot of like lost memories of the early 2000's. Must have been because of all the drinking I did. 

TROMA NOW is uploading some fabulous stuff just in time for the Halloween season too. They just uploaded BASKET CASE 2 today, but there's also MANIAC COP, FRANKENHOOKER, and a bunch of new stuff to check out as well. 

I've never associated Troma with Halloween, but if you squint hard enough you can fit a lot of what's in their library into that category. I can't think of anything Halloween themed made by Troma, but a monster movie is a monster movie. Oh, and the app is great by the way. I have it on my phone and I genuinely surprised with how smooth it is. I'd say it's even better than the website itself. 

Meanwhile over on SHUDDER, Joe Bob is back yet again with another Halloween special; JOE BOB's HALLOWEEN HOEDOWN. I'm looking forward to this one. I believe in the past he's hosted some of the HALLOWEEN movies and gave some wonderful insight into them. I really enjoy Joe Bob's rants and harangues about movies and peoples perceptions of movies, his passion for this stuff really does shine through when he speaks deeply about how he really feels about a movie. 

And while we're talking about SHUDDER, they just posted what's coming up this month on their amazing service. Already there are a bunch of classics. I think I've watched THE STUFF a million times and I'll happily watch it again. 

And hey! CREEPSHOW season three has a trailer and a poster now. I nabbed both from BLOODY DISGUSTING so go check them out and and see their write up. 

I'm not going to lie though I am absolutely ecstatic over this. The first two seasons are both total smashers so I can't wait to see more. 

Look at this amazing poster. Simply beautiful. 

And is it just me, or is the budget higher than it was previously? All the effects look so polished. Micheal Rooker for me is the big stand out of course. People often forget his role in HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER because of his MARVEL and now DC film roles.

And I guess this has become a tradition now for those of you who keep up with the network Freeform, so here's the 31 Nights of Halloween schedule for the month of October. Last year they had their HOCUS POCUS milkshake promotion with Carvel and made a specific HOCUS POCUS schedule graphic. 

I think HOCUS POCUS played nearly every single day, multiple times a day last year. It does appear to be playing on rotation this year as well, but so does everything else on the list so I guess it's not the main even like it was previously. And BEETLEJUICE is shockingly nowhere to be seen on it.

I wonder if I should try and make my own list of Halloween films to watch this year. I've tried in the past but I found it tough to keep up with. I'll consider it I guess.

Man I am totally looking forward to Halloween this year. 

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