Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Samhain swiftly approaches

(one of markets I frequent had this amazing display by the entrance)

October sure it flying by. The last few days have brought with it such nice cool Fall weather. Everyone is digging out their winter clothes and I have been wearing a hoodie nonstop. It's great. 

This really is my favorite time of year. I love the atmosphere and aesthetics of Fall. It's all so cozy. It's a shame we have to work during this season. I would love to just go out and bask in it and really breathe it all in. 

So the quest for more Halloween themed snacks continues. My roommate surprised me with this Krispy Skreme Spellbook filled with Halloween donuts! They're really beautifully made, but they always are. I think the cauldron donut is my favorite this year. It's a cookies n' creme donut, with green creme filling, sprinkles and a pretzel stick for stirring.

I finally managed to find some Mountain Dew Voo Dew this season. It really took me a while but my local 711 never lets me down. The mystery flavor this year is without question "Skittles". In previous years it was a bit more subtle, but this year it is an exact 1-1 flavor. It's really something honestly, just one sip and it triggered something in my brain and I knew what it was. 

And Carvel is doing their HOCUS POCUS shakes for a second year in a row, but this time they have three different shakes based on that cult family film! I do wish they'd bring back the marshmallow slime shake from 2019, but these are pretty delicious too. Anyway, last year's shake was a cookies n' creme flavored one, so I got Mary's Divine Cookies n Creme shake this year to start it off. Like last year these shakes come in collectors cups, but also spoons! This collab between Carvel and HOCUS POCUS is of course a promotion for Freeforms's 31 Nights of Halloween where they show the film HOCUS POCUS a bunch of times. 

So far there's been some fun stuff this year. I hope to find some more goodies before the season is over. 

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