Wednesday, January 12, 2022

2022: Billikens and Budai; Year of the Slurfies

It's been a long while since my last post. I haven't died yet! Things have just gotten complicated and busy is all. I'm approaching a new horizon in my life, restarting it all yet again, and hopefully things will get better from this point on. I say that, but of course the future is always uncertain. 

Above is my New Years altar, filled with Billikens and Budai, Slurfies and anime girls and all my favorite little toy novelties. All brought together in hopes to gather enough cosmic power to bring us all luck for 2022. Heaven knows we really need it. So, with prayers mumbled I wish you all a very prosperous New Year. 

But yeah Slurfies. You know Slurfies. don't you? Of course you do you've seen them before if you are of a certain again. Little soft plastic monster toys they used to have in vending machines way back in the day. It was for a while a very common thing you could get for a few cents, but now they cost a few dollars to purchase via places like eBay.  You could get them in the same vending machines that had little containers of slime, rubber bats, play jewelry, and holographic stickers. Those were the glory days if you ask me. 

I recently discovered this amazing online shop called Greasy Creeps and I am totally in love with their stock. It's a combination of vintage toys (oilys, jigglers, Chinasaurs, etc.) as well as their own original designs and bootlegs. It's a satisfying feeling purchasing artisanally made Slurfies, but that's just my life now. Wondrous. 

To be totally honest I've been spoiled with absolute treasures this year, and we're only ten days into the New Year. My friends over at the Two Witches Podcast sent me some beautiful swag along with some truly awesome toys as a belated Xmas gift. Not sure what to do with these stickers but they will go someplace special. 

And also there was this amazing piece by the great artist, Cat Feather (Cat_Blether)! Inspired by the works of LaVoreGirls and VoreVids, Cat was able to conjure this piece into existence. Gotta love those teeth! I absolutely adore her work and I hope she makes more fun stuff soon. 

So yeah, things feel a bit better personally. My health is improving, life is changing, and new options are opening up for me. Hopefully the same is happening to you too. Even if the world is rotting away right now we can still have a bit of fun. 

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