Dobbs dot Town

Dobbs dot Town is a Micro-Macro Nation situated in the digital Shamballah of Dobbstown, Malaysia. It exists in the digital realm and projects itself through the Fediverse social media platform, Mastodon. It's like Twitter but a lot freer. Dobbs dot Town was developed by Yeti monk IT specialists under the watchful eye of Mayor Reverend Uncle Onan Cannobite and J. R. "Bob" Dobbs himself. 

Many members of The Church of the SubGenius are members of Dobbs dot Town, and they express themselves there by sharing Bulldada, Slack, Time Control, and even Orthodox Dobbsian philosophy. All members of the Church of the SubGenius can have access to Dobbs dot Town by contacting Mayor Reverend Uncle Onan Cannobite via Dobbstown dot Org.

Below is a view of my own Dobbs dot Town feed. 

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