Saint Rev. Lunabelle, KSC

Saint Pope Rev. Lunabelle, Keeper of Sacred Choas, 2009 - 2017

Lunabelle was a force of nature. An agent of chaos. Her time with us was short, but the impact it left will be felt for eons. 

She came to us in a difficult time. Our cat before her, Ruby, had died of malpractice at the hands of unfeeling and terrible vets. My family and I weren't really in a rush to get another pet. Eris of Discordia had other plans for us though, and thank "Bob" she did.

Luna was a kitten when she arrived in our apartment. Maybe less than a week old and she was already putting up a fight. She was always feisty; jumping, climbing, biting, clawing. She was temper mental even as a kitten and that aspect of her personality never went away. I liked it actually. She loved to wrestle, and she would always win. 

Ruby was my best friend, but Luna felt like my baby. For years I catered to her every need, spoiled her with treats and toys, and every night she would come visit me while I slept and claw at my face. Sometimes while I read she would sit on my shoulders, or my gut, and just keep me company. 

I'm convinced to this day that Luna thought she was human. Her mannerisms were very human. We would have meals together at the dinner table, if there was a discussion going on in the family she would sit there with us while we spoke, and when she had the bed to herself, she would pull the blanket over her body using her teeth. Luna wasn't human though; she was better than most humans.

In late 2017, we noticed that Luna began to swell up, and it turned out she had a terrible disease called FIP. I still don't know much about it, but, it was made clear to us that there are no real treatments and there was no cure at all. The causation couldn't even be traced. It was a dark day for us when we had to take Luna to the vet to be put to sleep. She was put to sleep a few days after the diagnosis

The day of the euthanasia I took off from work and just spend the entire day with Luna. She wasn't in pain yet, but she was definitely uncomfortable. She could no longer jump or climb like she used to. And even though she seemed to be perfectly healthy, it was our decision to put her to sleep before she would feel any pain. 

The vet we went to was very nice, and everyone was so caring to us. When it was time for Luna to go I pet her one last time and she chomped down on my hand so hard I felt it for days. I didn't really feel it though, somehow. My mind was of course elsewhere. 

At some point while she was with us, Luna left a small scar on my arm from when I was carrying her and she got fussy. I treasure it. I really do. I remember laughing about it when it happened, and I remember her asking for treats afterward. And, of course I gave her treats! Like, why wouldn't I right?

I miss her. I miss her so, so much. She was only with us 8 years. It really feels unfair, but I'm still grateful to have had 8 full years with her. All these years later and I'm still in mourning. I have so many wonderful pets in my life, but I still think about Luna every day. She loved me, I know that, and I love her. Sometimes it feels like she's not really gone and I'm grateful for those moments. 

After her passing I purchased a SubGenius membership kit in her honor and made her a  SubGenius reverend posthumously. I also made her a Discordian Pope. I figured if Mormons could baptized their ancestors, I could pontificate my dead cat. I'm sure Luna is off with the saucers now, biting alien faces off and partying with Eris. Or maybe she's still here with me acting as my chaotic guardian angel. 

Live like her. Bite, scratch, jump, play, fight, sleep, eat garbage and love as much as you can be bothered with  because you never know when you won't be able to anymore. 

Praise Luna!

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