The Chick Tract Club

"Get the official club kit, complete with The Wicked Magistrate exclusive English tract, a cool color button, special Chick cartoon stationary, a Tract checklist, membership card, plus FOUR more special out-of-print tracts (Dark Dungeons, Missionaries Are Fools*, and Chick Publications official reprint (made exclusively for club members) of the long lost promo tracts, What's Your Score? and The Lost Continent?) All that and more, for just $13.95 (plus $2 postage in the USA).

Here's what you get for your $14.95 one time/ lifetime (and after-lifetime) membership!

1. Certificate of membership. Both fancy and funny. You'll proudly place it on the wall of your home, office or cell! (8.5 x 11 inches, suitable for framing.)

2. Membership card with your official member number. It's so heart warming, pick-pockets will return your wallet if they find it inside. (Although they'll probably keep the card... along with your money.)

3. Exclusive Chick Club button. A real conversation piece and great for picking up Chicks at bars... or on the street, in bus terminals or wherever else they are distributed.

4. Exclusive Jack Chick tract - A unique tract printed especially for our club by Chick Publications. One of the rarest Chick tracts around! (The Wicked Magistrate, ONLY available here!)

5. E-mail updates (usually quarterly) of Chick news, collecting information, and special items for sale. (Assuming you provide us your email address.)

6. A Collecting Guide explaining the best way to collect and organize your Chick tracts. It's short and easy, and provides tips on finding and displaying your collection.

7. A Complete Chick Tract Checklist, providing all the English titles. Check 'em off as you complete your collection! (There's over 180 titles.)

8. Discounts on other Club related items, including 25% off the Chick Radio Show tape. And 10% off the book on Chick Tracts, The Unofficial Guide to The Art of Jack Chick. (Just ask for this discount and include your club member number to get it.)

9. An Unusual Bonus! You'll get your very own GET OUT OF HELL FREE card! (You may want to coat it with some fire retardant, just in case.)

10. Chick Tract Cartoon Stationary: A beatiful fully illustrated (along the top, sides, and bottom) Chick tract stationary master sheet! Alll your favorite Chick characters are included. It's so awesome, you won't want to write on it! (So you photocopy it and write on the copies instead!) You're friend's eyeballs will LEAP from their sockets when they get a letter written on this!

11. (While supplies last) Dark Dungeons, one of Chick's most popular out-of-print tracts, which shows Dungeons & Dragons as a satanic plot.

12. Missionaries Are Fools! This is an authorized reprint using Chick's authentic art and script to explain how he first got the idea to make Chick tracts... from the communists! This is also out-of-print and a very tough tract to find. Get it all while you can!"

"God's Cartoonist, The Comic Crusade of Jack Chick" (2008)

"Short movie trailer from of the documentary film  "God's Cartoonist: The Comic Crusade of Jack Chick". The film is a feature length documentary on the most published underground cartoonist ever: Jack Chick, the maker of the infamous in-your-face Gospel comic tracts (over 850 MILLION sold!) This is an unflinching look at the controversial artist and his nearly 50 year career of trying to literally scare the HELL out of his readers. (Yo! Activists! This is not a pro or anti-Chick movie or pro or anti-religion film. It's a documentary presenting both sides of the story about the most published author and cartoonist alive.) To order, visit"

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